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Update to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android: 10.2.6-2

We are excited to provide another quick turnaround on an update to our recent 10.2.6 release of the Android SDK.  This is bug fix only release and there is no new functionality included with this minor but important fix.

To apply this fix, update your build.gradle file with the following dependency:

dependencies {
        compile 'com.esri.arcgis.android:arcgis-android:10.2.6-2'

If you’ve downloaded the local v10.2.6 download and use the local AAR library, you can get the updated AAR lib module in the 10.2.6-2 download file.  All other SDK components are the same, so no need to download if you use the AAR lib in the preferred method from our Bintray maven URL.

All of our samples have been updated to use our latest version and developer instructions on how to sync your local fork of the samples with our public repository.  We invite you to collaborate with the community and the Esri development team on GeoNet & our GitHub samples and maps-app repos.

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Update to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android: 10.2.6-1

We are excited to provide a quick turnaround on an update to our recent 10.2.6 release of the Android SDK. This is a SDK release only and Continue reading

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AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2 released

Just a bit short of 2000 beta users, the AppStudio for ArcGIS beta program is full of great ideas and suggestions.  It is amazing to see the number of different apps built so far! You have helped guide our efforts and today we are pleased to announce the availability of AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2.

Your feedback has told us:

  • All platforms and form factors are important to you, but when it comes to building new apps, Windows is the most important to you.
  • You love creating apps from our templates
  • The ArcGIS Cloud Make service rocks: Being about to simply tick some boxes, and have Esri build installation files for you app for all the platforms – is pure gold!
  • We need to supply more guidance and help for creating your own apps

AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2 provides improvements in all of these areas plus more

  • AppStudio for ArcGIS now works great on a wider range of Windows devices including virtual machines. You can also use it over Remote Desktop.
  • The current templates have been updated with improved webmap and web services support. This is of particular importance to the Map Viewer template!
  • The Extend Apps tab at doc.arcgis.com now contains topics to help you build your own app and we have started adding more video tutorials (more are coming soon!)
  • Localization is well underway for all 28 languages currently supported by ArcGIS.
  • A new AppStudio for ArcGIS video series has been created at video.arcgis.com. In here you can watch the DevSummit Tech Sessions on AppStudio for ArcGIS as well as video tutorials etc

We will continue with a close eye in our forums. Keep your feedback coming!

The AppStudio for ArcGIS Team

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) Is Here!

Custom widgets and themes

Earlier this month Web AppBuilder was released with ArcGIS Online and the Portal for ArcGIS extension to ArcGIS for Server, allowing users to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device! Now with the release of the Developer Edition, … Continue reading

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Strengthening the Link between GIS and Science with the SciPy Stack

The SciPy ecosystem.

From an Esri Insider blog post by Matt Artz and Kevin Butler Geography is the science of our world, and GIS is a foundational technology for helping us to better understand that science. To further strengthen the link between GIS … Continue reading

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New weapons for your webmaps!


Our latest version of the JavaScript API (version 3.7) includes new map widgets for you to take advantage of and make killer apps. While creating web applications to aid our Disaster Response program, we noticed some commonly used mapping elements … Continue reading

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Esri Defense code moving to GitHub

Vehicle Commander on GitHub

This month the Esri Defense team launched a series of ArcGIS for the Military GitHub Repositiories to share source code for our web, desktop, and mobile applications. For those that aren’t familiar with GitHub, it is a code sharing and … Continue reading

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How to Git the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex source code from GitHub


You may not know this, but the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex source code has been on GitHub since version 2.5 of the viewer.  The ArcGIS API for Flex samples source code were also recently published to GitHub. The Esri Flex … Continue reading

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Integrate big data with the ArcGIS System using a plug-in data source

In a recent blog post we released a code sample for integrating MongoDB data with the ArcGIS system. This blog entry will help you use the code sample with an existing Mongo DB database in three steps: downloading and compiling the code sample, pre-processing your data, and preparing your MongoDB database for use with ArcGIS.

Continue reading

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Developer Summit Europe

To build on the success of recent Developer Summit in California, we’ve decided to take the event on the road. Esri will be hosting 3 Dev Summits in Europe this September.

I hope developers from all over Europe and the world will come together in Rotterdam, Berlin or London (all 3 if you want). The technical sessions will focus on becoming more effective at building web, mobile and desktop applications. Senior Esri development staff will be presenting so you’ll get a chance to see what’s coming next. Registration information will be available soon but mark your calendar now and plan to join us in Europe.

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