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Use your data in GeoPlanner

San Diego BRT Thumbnail

Want to bring your own datasets into GeoPlanner for ArcGIS? With GeoPlanner, leveraging your own data is easy. You share your feature data to ArcGIS Online and then access this data in GeoPlanner for visualization, sketching, analysis, and evaluation. Below … Continue reading

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GeoPlanner for ArcGIS at UC 2015


Planning to attend the 2015 Esri User Conference and want to learn more about GeoPlanner and how it can help you solve complex Geodesign problems? Here’s a day-by-day breakdown of sessions that will feature GeoPlanner and its underlying design and … Continue reading

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Taming Typography with ArcGIS Pro

by Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer

Typography is one of the most important elements in map design. Successfully lettering your map includes the selection of typographic elements, deciding what to include, what to omit, how to portray your type and then where to position it. There are a good many cartographic conventions that help us in making these decisions such as using size to create a hierarchy of importance amongst the features you label, using color and style (e.g. italics) to denote certain features such as water and positioning labels so they don’t conflict with other symbols. Lettering your map is often called a ‘necessary evil’ because labels don’t really exist in the real world – yet they are fundamental to how we recognize and describe places on our maps. With ArcGIS Pro, lettering your map just got a whole lot easier so let’s take a look at some of the new and improved capabilities you can use to help you make beautiful maps with well-honed typography. Continue reading

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Cascadia graces the cover of the 2015 Esri Map Book

By David McCloskey, Cascadia-Institute.org
(posted by Aileen Buckley, Esri Cartographer)

Cascadia map thumbnail

Chosen to grace the cover of the 2015 Esri Map Book, this map, by the Cascadia Institute, with cartography by Benchmark Maps, shows for the first time the natural integrity of Cascadia as a whole bioregion.

Cascadia is named for the whitewaters that pour down the slopes of her mountains. Home of salmon and rivers, mountains and forests, Cascadia rises as a Great Green Land from the Northeast Pacific Rim.

Cascadia curves from coast to crest—from the Pacific Ocean to the Rocky Mountains and Continental Divide. On the seafloor, Cascadia ranges from the Mendocino Fracture Zone to the Aleutian Trench in the corner of the Gulf of Alaska. Continue reading

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Take your terrain mapping to new heights

by Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer

Standard techniques for representing terrain, like a hillshade, are adequate for many applications, but you may want to represent terrain under different lighting conditions, or perhaps use more artistic techniques. In these cases you might need to go a little further than creating a simple hillshade. For this reason (and because we like making tools that extend what we can do!) we’ve built a new toolbox, called Terrain Tools, that helps you take your terrain mapping to new heights. Continue reading

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Dark Gray Canvas expands coverage


Our most recent map update greatly expands the large scale coverage of the Dark Gray Canvas Base and Reference layers. Europe, including Russia, was added at scales ~1:288k down to ~1:9k (levels 11 to 16). This is the first ArcGIS.com basemap … Continue reading

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Dark Gray Canvas basemap now available for your use


Just as the dark sky at night allows the stars and nebula to shine, a new basemap from Esri allows you to create exciting new maps of your data. The Dark Gray Canvas basemap is now available on our production servers … Continue reading

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A Dark Canvas for Bright People: Update


Recently we blogged about a beta service for a Dark Gray Canvas basemap, available for you to try out and comment on, prior to a full release as an Esri Basemap. That blog can be found here. The original release … Continue reading

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Visualizing Player Movement in Sport using 3D Web GIS

Diorama Of Player Movement

In this blog I present a Diorama of Player Movement using ArcScene and Esri’s CityEngine Web Viewer. This unique 3D GIS visualization helps better understand the interaction of the spatial and temporal components of optical player tracking data and offers an … Continue reading

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A Dark Canvas for Bright People


Esri has released a new Dark Gray Canvas basemap (as a beta) for its customers, partners and developers to use. Developed from the Light Gray Canvas basemap, the Dark Gray Canvas version opens up an opportunity to use a different type … Continue reading

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