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Using Online Imagery in Your Maps and Apps


The ArcGIS Online platform includes a rich set of imagery content that is available to you with your ArcGIS Online subscription. The imagery is available for different coverage areas, at different levels of detail (from 250m to 1m per pixel … Continue reading

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Customize your ArcGIS Online Home Page Description


(Contributed by Bonnie Stayer, Solution Engineer on Esri’s National Government Team) In previous blog posts, we’ve covered how to customize the banner and background of your ArcGIS Online organizational home page, but did you know you can also customize the … Continue reading

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Designing Custom Roles for Your Organization


We recently published blogs on how to use custom roles to help implement an open data strategy in your organization and another on how to use them to provide access to Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS. In this post we’ll talk more broadly … Continue reading

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Open Data Workflows in the Enterprise


As your organization’s open data strategy matures it’s important to know that ArcGIS Online provides everything needed to help you implement an easy-to-use open data publication and approval workflow. All you need to do is create an additional group and … Continue reading

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Using Custom Roles with ArcGIS Open Data


About two months ago we introduced ArcGIS Open Data in beta, and on July 10th we deployed our first release to production which is now localized in 24 different languages. Since then there have been over 600 open data groups created in ArcGIS Online and many open data … Continue reading

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Skip Factor – Part Deux (Best practices when calculating statistics)


Last week’s blog incited quite a bit of internal discussion on the raster team here at ESRI regarding the best practices when calculating stats, so I wanted to share some of those insights with you. You don’t always have to … Continue reading

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Putting Your Best Story Map Forward


Story Maps are very popular; you can view story maps created by Esri and story maps created by the user community at the Storytelling with Maps website. By implementing a few best practices you can create a great user experience, and provide … Continue reading

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Making Your Pop-up Pop!

Making your pop-up pop!

Want to make a beautiful pop-up to match your map or website? With a little elbow grease, CSS, and a keen eye for design, it’s easy. Here’s how you can skin the ArcGIS API for JavaScript pop-up widget. The pop-up … Continue reading

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Team Water/Wastewater Meeting

We had a great Team Water meeting this year in San Diego!

Thank you to our presenters: Robert Conrad – Western Municipal Water District, Philip Campman – City of Austin, James Ollerton – Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Erik Hoel – Esri, Mike Miller and Howard Crothers – Esri, Jamie Persino – Erie Water Works, Thomas Browne Jr. – Los Angeles County of Public Works, Erin Breen – Innovyze, Srinivas Suryanarayanaiah – Esri, Dave Gilbert & Jonathan Greiner – GeoDecisions and Barry Kelly – Esri Canada. Presentations this year discussed topics such as redistricting, watershed protection, mobile solutions, changes in the geodatabase, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS for Water Utilities, asset maintenance, storm drain management, modeling tools, and Esri’s Production Mapping solution.

Presentations will be posted to our Team Water/Wastewater web page for those of you who missed the meeting or would like to review.

Thank you to Critigen who sponsored breakfast for our group!  

If you missed the meeting, be sure to attend our next Team Water/Wastewater meeting in February. Registration is FREE and it’s a great way to stay in the loop or as a forum to showcase your own work and solutions with GIS and Water Utilities.  If you would like to be on the meeting invite list, contact Christa Campbell at ccampbell@esri.com.

Be sure to check back for dates and location of our February meeting. 

Also, save the date for next year’s meeting in San Diego: July 6, 2013.

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Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS Online

By Kenneth Field (Research Cartographer), Damien Demaj (ArcGIS Online Cartography) and Linda Beale (Geoprocessing)

Telling thematic stories in ArcGIS OnlineAt the 2012 Esri Education GIS Conference and the 2012 Esri International User Conference, we demonstrated how you can build informative thematic maps using the ArcGIS System.  The purpose of the sessions was to take relatively simple datasets and create a range of alternative thematic map types that told a story in different ways.  This demonstrated the techniques for creating the maps using ArcGIS for Desktop as our authoring environment and ArcGIS Online as our publishing mechanism.  As the XXX Olympiad is currently taking place in London, UK we illustrated how alternative maps can be made to tell different stories of the relative success of nations over the period since the first Olympic games in 1896. Continue reading

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