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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition) Is Here!

Custom widgets and themes

Earlier this month Web AppBuilder was released with ArcGIS Online and the Portal for ArcGIS extension to ArcGIS for Server, allowing users to build powerful GIS apps that run on any device! Now with the release of the Developer Edition, … Continue reading

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3D web scenes take flight

By Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer

The latest release of ArcGIS Online included a major new update that brought 3D scenes to your browser. This extends the capabilities for visualization of ArcGIS Online content by giving you the option of displaying it on a responsive WebGL virtual globe. I’ve been experimenting with different ways of displaying global flight data from openflights.org and this blog describes how I built a 3D version called Airflow Globe. Continue reading

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Create Watersheds and Trace Downstream in your ArcGIS Online web map

Hydrology Tools on ArcGIS Online

The Hydrology Analysis tools, Watershed and Trace Downstream, have been available in ArcGIS for Desktop for over a year now, and many water resources users are utilizing these fast and accurate Geoprocessing services. We’re happy to announce that these two … Continue reading

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User Contributions have improved Esri’s Online Basemaps and Imagery


Esri’s ArcGIS Content Team has just incorporated new and updated content to both the World Topographic Map and Basemap Imagery, expanding and updating content in the Living Atlas of the World. This refresh includes 3 new contributors and 3 updates for cities and counties … Continue reading

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New Landscape layers on ArcGIS Online!

Africa Crop Potato data layer in Living Atlas

The Esri Landscape Content Team is pleased to announce it has added more data layers to the Living Atlas. Continue reading

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Global urban areas updated with Pléiades imagery


As part of our continuing effort to update the World Imagery basemap, the next batch of Pléiades imagery was released for an additional 34 urban areas around the globe.  This is the second batch of Pléiades imagery released this year; … Continue reading

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Dark Gray Canvas basemap now available for your use


Just as the dark sky at night allows the stars and nebula to shine, a new basemap from Esri allows you to create exciting new maps of your data. The Dark Gray Canvas basemap is now available on our production servers … Continue reading

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Resolve recent problems with ArcGIS Pro authorizations

If you are experiencing recent problems with signing in and authorizing ArcGIS Pro, it is likely that your organization was still using beta license entitlements. These beta licenses expired on November 17, 2014. Continue reading

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How to Share ArcGIS Online Live Feeds with the Public


In our last post, we showed an example presentation that contained the live feeds in a public application.  In this post we wanted to provide the details on how you can share ArcGIS Online content with the public.  This applies … Continue reading

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The User Community Has Provided Updates to the Living Atlas Through Community Maps


The ArcGIS Content Team has updated the World Topographic Map! Another big thanks to the user community who are helping improve the Community Basemaps by submitting new and updated content to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Updates this week includes 3 new contributions and … Continue reading

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