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Contribute to the Living Atlas of the World

ArcGIS includes a Living Atlas of the World with useful and authoritative maps on many topics. The Living Atlas of the World is a collection of thousands of maps, intelligent map layers, imagery, tools, and apps built by ArcGIS users worldwide and by Esri and its partners. This rich catalog of geographic information is made available through ArcGIS Online, and reflects the collective power and reach of the entire ArcGIS community.  There are multiple ways to explore the Living Atlas through ArcGIS Online, including the Maps features pages, ArcGIS.com Gallery, as well as the new Living Atlas of the World web application and other apps such as the latest version of Explorer for ArcGIS.

Living Atlas of the World web application

Living Atlas content featured in latest Explorer for ArcGIS release

Share Your Maps and Apps

It’s likely that your organization has created authoritative maps and information layers that can be brought to life as intelligent maps to power the work of GIS users, decision makers, educators, students, and the general public.  We are looking for well-designed, high-quality maps and apps to populate collections in the ArcGIS Living Atlas. Your contributions will become part of the collective work of the entire ArcGIS commu­nity and will provide valuable content for thousands of users. The content we’re seeking for the Living Atlas includes:

  • Web Maps
  • Applications
  • Story Maps
  • Analytical Models and Tools

If you have created items in ArcGIS Online that you believe are appropriate for the Living Atlas and would like to see included, you can tag your publicly-shared items with ‘LivingAtlas.Candidate’ and they will be reviewed by our Living Atlas curators.  To be included, your maps should meet the standard criteria below and follow best practices for sharing (e.g. attractive thumbnail, informative item details, descriptive user profile).

  • Well-designed cartography
  • Reliable and performant
  • Well-configured pop-ups
  • Well-defined legend
  • Well-focused topic
  • Well-maintained data

Join the Community

The Living Atlas is a community effort that is dependent not only on data and map contributors. We are also seek­ing volunteers to help us recruit participants, select and re­view content, and guide our effort going forward. Support your fellow ArcGIS users by volunteering to help us with this work. If, like many ArcGIS users, you have benefited from the GIS community—its knowledge, its rich data, and its commitment to build a better world—you now have an op­portunity to contribute to this groundbreaking new effort.  If you are interested in participating, or would like to suggest we include other maps and apps, please contact us at curatelivingatlas@esri.com.  To participate in an ongoing conversation regarding the Living Atlas, please join our GeoNet community discussion group at bit.ly/Living-Atlas.

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Using Custom Roles with ArcGIS Open Data


About two months ago we introduced ArcGIS Open Data in beta, and on July 10th we deployed our first release to production which is now localized in 24 different languages. Since then there have been over 600 open data groups created in ArcGIS Online and many open data … Continue reading

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS — July Update

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISEarlier this year, Esri Labs released the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS – a new, free web application available to all organizations from the ArcGIS Marketplace.  In our initial blog post we announced the application and shared its design goal of providing platform administrator’s a series of useful reports about their organization’s mapping platform.

We asked for your feedback and we heard many requests to add more platform usage and credit utilization information to the activity reports.  You asked for simple consolidated reports related to platform usage that includes content creation, collaboration, usage volume and credit utilization at the item and named user level where available.  Last night, Esri Labs released the July update of the Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS, and it contains many of the new reports, features and enhancements you have asked for.

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New Landscape for Contributors Group on ArcGIS Online

The Esri Landscape Content Team is pleased to announce that a new group, “Landscape for Contributors,” has been added to ArcGIS Online. The Esri Landscape for Contributors group in ArcGIS Online is a place for data contributors, such as yourself, to communicate, organize, and share your data. Continue reading

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Impact Summary: Dazzle Them With Your Data


Esri’s Disaster Response Program helps support worldwide incidents, such as earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and severe weather. To increase public knowledge of the disaster impacts, we wanted an app to highlight areas and show related statistics, such as data that shows … Continue reading

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The Next Generation of Tapestry Segmentation is now available!

Vote campaign

Coupled with the recent release of our 2014 U.S. Updated Demographic data, Esri is proud to launch the next generation of Tapestry Segmentation in the U.S. Why was Tapestry Segmentation updated? The U.S. Census is collected and released every 10 … Continue reading

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New Live Feeds added to the Earth Observation collection in ArcGIS Online


ArcGIS Online includes a living atlas of the world with beautiful and authoritative maps on many topics, including a rich collection of earth observation maps and layers that describe our planet’s current conditions, from earthquakes and fires to severe weather … Continue reading

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SPOT, Pléiades and DigitalGlobe added to World Imagery map


We’ve recently updated our World Imagery map with the addition from three different satellite imagery products – SPOT, Pléiades and DigitalGlobe. View the map below for the coverage of the new imagery. SPOT Imagery was added across Canada, the Nordic countries, … Continue reading

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Community Maps Special Interest Group (SIG) Scheduled for Esri’s International User Conference 2014


The annual pilgrimage to the San Diego, CA Convention Center for Esri’s International User Conference is scheduled for July 14 – 18. There are many reasons to attend. One these reasons is to learn about Community Maps and how to help curate content … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Local Government June 2014 release now available!

Esri Logo

A few weeks ago we released a bunch of new and improved map and apps in Land Records, Water Utilities, Public Works, Fire Service, Emergency Management, and Law Enforcement. Like every release we updated the local government add-ins and the … Continue reading

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