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Customizing the Map Tour Story Map header and color scheme


Map Tour is a very popular Story Map template, and you’ll find many interesting examples at the story map gallery. Map Tour is a hosted application that appears in the web map template gallery, and can also be launched directly … Continue reading

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Who’s Ready for a Makeover?


The Social Media Template, a popular web application template on ArcGIS Online, has been redesigned, made responsive and given a new name. Introducing: the Public Information template (hold applause). Big difference, huh? This is a fully configurable template that allows … Continue reading

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Step-up to the boilerplate


Take some development work off of your plate and get a jump on building ArcGIS API for JavaScript apps by starting with the JavaScript Application Boilerplate. After developing a few ArcGIS Online hosted templates, such as the Social Media and … Continue reading

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Tweet this! Update your apps that use Twitter


ArcGIS Online’s Make a Web Application gallery includes three templates that leverage the Twitter API to add geolocated tweets to your maps. Twitter recently announced updates to their API, and now requires authentication on all Twitter endpoints. For more information … Continue reading

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A better “View Larger Map”


ArcGIS Online web maps are easy to embed in websites and blogs. To embed your map, share the map publicly (or open an existing publicly shared map) then click Share and choose Embed in Website. The HTML needed to embed the map … Continue reading

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Be a hero in 15 minutes with story map templates


Story map templates provide a quick and easy way to add more value and meaning to your web maps, and deliver them to a wider audience in interesting applications. Even if you don’t know a thing about JavaScript, you can … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Story Map Templates


Every map tells a story, and you can deliver an enhanced and richer experience by telling your ArcGIS Online web map story using one of the many story map templates. These templates continue to evolve, with new templates coming online … Continue reading

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Publish your custom applications via ArcGIS Online

With the latest update ArcGIS Online added several new configurable templates to the map viewer’s application template gallery. Even more interesting, you also now have the ability to publish your maps in these configurable templates directly from ArcGIS Online.  Let’s take a closer look how.

We’ve signed in to our ArcGIS Online account, and opened a soils map from the ArcGIS Online Gallery. You can use any map that is publicly shared or that you have authored. Below we’ve opened the soils map from the gallery in the ArcGIS.com map viewer:

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Using the Compare Maps template as a hosted application

Earlier this week we blogged about how you can use the web app templates found on the ArcGIS.com map viewer template gallery as hosted applications simply by using your (or any other publicly shared) map ID. One of the most popular templates is the Compare maps template, and in this post we’ll show you how to leverage that one in the same way.

First, make or find three maps of interest that you would like to compare side-by-side-by-side. We’ve chosen the following demographic maps that we found by searching from ArcGIS.com, and you can view the item details for each map by clicking below:

When you view the details or open the map you’ll find the unique map ID in the URL. We’ll use these as URL parameters in the comparison template (I copy and past these into Notepad or something similar to make retrieving them easier).

Open any of the maps above (or one of your own) and click Share. We opened the USA Population Change map. 


Then choose 


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