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Data Viz App Challenge Winners and Finalists Announced!


We called on geo developers to build interactive, meaningful mapping applications that showcased the data visualization power of ArcGIS. Participants in the Esri Data Viz App Challenge used smart mapping and other ArcGIS for Developers tools to create apps that wowed the judges. Here … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET Coming Soon


ArcGIS Pro is the exciting new application that now comes with ArcGIS 10.3 for Desktop. ArcGIS Pro is like no other desktop application from Esri. It is an asynchronous WPF app that can be extended with the upcoming ArcGIS Pro … Continue reading

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Does Ghost haunt you?


On January 27, 2015, a serious Linux operating system security vulnerability dubbed “Ghost” was announced concerning the glibc low level system library that can allow attackers to remotely take complete control of a victims system.  This issue does not affect ArcGIS web … Continue reading

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Oracle Security Patch Issues with ArcGIS


The deployment of Oracle’s October 2014 Critical Patch Update (CPU) for security vulnerabilities, causes all versions of ArcGIS connections to hang or crash when attempting to establish a database connection.  See the affected products and versions section of Oracle’s CPU … Continue reading

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MAJOR UPDATE 10/24/14 – On October 14, 2014, a security vulnerability involving SSL v3 was revealed called POODLE (CVE-2014-3566).  SSL v3 is estimated to be utilized by less than 2% of Internet users at this time, many of those users … Continue reading

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Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.

This release of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos offers the following updates:

  • Support for disconnected Portal for ArcGIS deployments
  • Configure interactions on dynamic map service layers
  • New drawing tools for triggering configured interactive behaviors
  • Filter features that are displayed on the map using the Filter layer tool
  • Measure area, distance, and X,Y coordinates using the Measure tool
  • Geocode addresses and find routes using the Get route tool
  • Configure Infographics and other map tools and settings
  • Change the map extent using an overview map and other navigation tools
  • Specify the WKID of X,Y coordinates when adding point data to the map
  • Configure multiple styles for a layer
  • Initiate interactive behaviors from pop-ups
  • View and print map-enabled reports in different formats
  • Performance enhancements for faster map loading
  • New capability for administrators to control which users can access and use Esri Maps for IBM Cognos
  • Support for IBM Cognos 10.2.1 Fix Packs 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Support for mobile browsers: Apple Safari on iOS and Google Chrome for Android

Visit esri.com to download and install Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.

For product documentation and other information about Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0, see the Esri Maps for IBM Cognos Documentation, and be sure to visit GeoNet to get help from the community.

~The Esri Maps for IBM Cognos Team

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Recent Poisoned API’s and SEO’s


The recent compromise of a jQuery server brought to light risks associated with utilizing Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that are not hosted on your system infrastructure.  Fortunately, the worse-case scenario did not happen, as the API files were not modified or … Continue reading

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Does the Bash (Shellshock) Vulnerability affect you?


On September 24, 2014, a security vulnerability was revealed affecting the standard bash login shell which is broadly deployed and used on Linux hosts. If you were wondering if ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online, and Portal for ArcGIS application interfaces are … Continue reading

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Certain shapefiles crash ArcGIS 10.2

Is ArcGIS 10.2 crashing when attempting to add shapefiles to ArcMap? We see your error reports coming in and we want you to know there’s a fix! For more details about this issue, please see this blog.

This reminder comes from Kirsten Pinkston in Esri Technical Support.

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Important Patch Now Available for ArcGIS 10.2

There is an important patch that we wanted to make sure you are aware of…  If you are experiencing crashes when opening Shapefiles, make sure you get this patch (Knowledge Base Article 41680).

At ArcGIS 10.2 there is a shapefile issue which results in a crash. This is caused by a buffer overrun that is most likely to occur when there are large numbers of fields in the dBase file.

The patch to fix this issue is available now for ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop, Engine and Server users.

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