Embedding maps in Story Map Journal


The Story Map Journal is a very popular Story Map, letting you create a compelling map-based narrative presented as a set of journal entries. It’s ideal for creating multimedia stories that combine text, maps, images, and video. And it’s especially useful when … Continue reading

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Developer Summit 2015 areas of interest : Spatial Analyst

Are you a Developer in Palm Springs, CA this week for the 2015 Esri Developer Summit?  Are you a user of Spatial Analyst functionality, and would like to make sure you get the most out of your time?  Read on for some suggestions on sessions that might appeal to you. Continue reading

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More Preparing Data Workshops Added to the Calendar


Additional offerings of the well-received Preparing Data for Community Maps Workshop have been added to the schedule! The workshops are scheduled on different days and times in an effort to accommodate multiple users. This allows you to register for the workshop … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Pro in DaaS


During the Esri Partner Conference and Developer Summit ArcGIS Pro has been demo’d this week from the Nvidia Test Drive. The Nvidia Test Drive virtual machines are good examples of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS). In the demos ArcGIS Pro is delivered in a … Continue reading

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Tip: Minimizing the UI for scene viewer


In ArcGIS Online you can create interactive scenes using the scene viewer. A scene is symbolized 3D geospatial content that includes a multiscale basemap, a collection of 2D and 3D layers, and configurations that allow you to visualize and analyze geographic … Continue reading

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Living Atlas Community Webinar Scheduled for March 26th!


The Community Maps Webinar is evolving to include all facets of the Living Atlas of the World community. What does this mean?

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ArcGIS Pro in VMWare Horizon View

Pro in VMWare Horizon View

Desktop virtualization is increasing and will continue as more physical desktops are moved to VDI solutions and delivered from servers in a datacenter, either on premise or cloud based (DaaS).

Esri is committed to testing and benchmarking ArcGIS Pro performance, scalability, density and user experience in virtualization platforms. We have great collaborative relationships with the virtualization vendors that are most heavily used and that are delivering the best user experiences for our users. Continue reading

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.13 Released


Version 3.13 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Below is an overview of the release including new features, enhancements, and changes included in version 3.13.  For a complete list with API enhancements and bug fixes, check out … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data: What’s New for March 2015

ArcGIS Open Data - now with smart maps!

Hot off the heels of launching the new ArcGIS Open Data community site, the Open Data team is thrilled to highlight the features of the March 2015 release. Smart Mapping ArcGIS Open Data leverages the new smart mapping functionality in … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.5 for Qt – Windows download refreshed

As mentioned in our previous blog post, the Windows download of 10.2.5 could only be used with Qt SDK 5.4.0 due to binary incompatibility between 5.4.0 and other versions of the Qt SDK. This problem only affected Windows.

Today, we re-released ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.5 for Qt on Windows, rebuilt and retested atop Qt 5.4.1. This new download replaces the download made available last week. It incorporates the fixes in Qt 5.4.1 and thus avoids the incompatibility problem.

A documentation refresh will arrive later this week with updated System Requirements.

Here’s to your success in building great ArcGIS apps with Qt and QML!

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Team

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