Using Python to push updates to a hosted feature service from an external source

ISS Webmap

We all know the power of using feature services with to share our data and maps. These maps become even more powerful when the content automatically updates. GeoRSS feeds allow you to quickly pull content into your map. Well, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Telecommunications September 2014 Updates

Last week the ArcGIS for Telecommunications site was updated.  This September release included an overhall to the layout of the solutions site as well as three NEW solution templates.  ArcGIS for Telecommunications is a series of free and easy to deploy solution templates, web maps, and apps for adding telecom specific configurations to the ArcGIS platform.  Listed below are the updates to the solutions site and information on the three new solution templates, Organize Door to Door Sales, Visualize Sales Campaign Progress, and Find Upsell Opportunities.

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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.11 Released


Version 3.11 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Below is a listing of 14 new features, enhancements and changes included in this release. For a complete list with API enhancements and bug fixes, check out the What’s … Continue reading

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10.2.4 release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android

Today we are happy to announce the release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.4.  Download the SDK from the Android Developer Site.  This release of the SDK includes a lot of new features highlighted below. Continue reading

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10.2.4 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS and OS X

We are pleased to announce the 10.2.4 release of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for iOS and OS X. You can download the SDKs today from ArcGIS for Developers and cocoapods. This release follows the 10.2.3 release in April 2014 and includes enhancements in a few key areas such as -

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Logistics Services: Ready-To-Use


ArcMap provides direct access to the ArcGIS Online Logistics services. The connection to these services is made automatically within Catalog when you log into ArcMap with your ArcGIS Online Organizational Account. These Ready-To-Use Services look and feel like any normal … Continue reading

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The 10.3 BETA of ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt featuring the QML API has launched!

QML/Qt Quick developers, the time is now!

ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.3 BETA for Qt is now available.

To join, simply go to and click the “EXPLORE THE QT 10.3 BETA”  button in the upper right-hand side of the page. Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data September release: charts, updated admin, and CSV support!


ArcGIS Open Data is continually evolving and upgrading to be the best open data solution for your organization’s needs. Last week Open Data saw a bit of a facelift in some areas and some highly anticipated added functionality in others, … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.4 for .NET is available!

We are excited to announce the first commercial release of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET!  Download version 10.2.4 and use it today to build production-ready apps for Windows Desktop, Store, and Phone:

This release is culmination of work over the last two years, since the official release of the Windows 8 platform and Windows Runtime in late 2012.  During that time, we focused on refining the native app developer experience for .NET.  We discussed our vision for the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET, built as a new, shared API across native app platforms promoted by Microsoft.  We provided guidance for WPF developers seeking to transition from our popular ArcGIS Runtime SDK for WPF to our new SDK.  In the end we created a modern, high-performance ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET with support for offline workflows, sync-enabled feature services, shapefiles, client-side labeling and much more.  We look forward to seeing the great apps you’ll create with the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET!

For those who participated in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET beta program, thank you for your valuable feedback.  The beta program was a great success, made possible by the contribution of nearly 3000 participants.   Although the beta program has completed, the beta community will remain open for a short time to host documentation pertaining to changes between 10.2.3 beta and 10.2.4, view the status of bug reports, and wrap up forum discussions.

Thank you and enjoy!
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET Team 

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Operations Dashboard Update

Last night we updated the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. Yes, it was a stealthy update that happened to the browser app that is hosted inside of ArcGIS Online. Though a minor, bug fix update, it was strategic.

The Browser app now supports labels that you add to layers in your web map, we have replaced the graphics library used for charting and graphing widgets to improve clarity and readability, we addressed several minor stability updates with the Dashboard heartbeat and improved popup support within dynamic map services.

The best news – you don’t need to do anything to pick up these updates! Enjoy!

Dashboard Team

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