We Saw Some Great Esri-Powered Apps at AT&T’s Hackathon

I'm Almost There creators Greg Buczek, Amy Buczek and Lauren Russell with their check

Last month we went to the AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon in Las Vegas. It was exciting to see so many developers (about 600!) working to build a useful mobile app with technology they’d often just been introduced to. Our team … Continue reading

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Preparing Data Workshop Self-Study Materials Released


The highly-anticipated Preparing Data for Community Maps Workshop self-study materials have been released! Now you can participate in this training at any time, from anywhere. You can watch the videos, review the lecture slides and complete the exercises at your … Continue reading

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New Options for Embedding Maps


The December release of ArcGIS.com included a new and improved way to embed maps. This post will review the process for creating embedded maps and explore some of the options using the same web map for each example. Accessing the Embed … Continue reading

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Related Tables – Exploring New Ways to use Collector for ArcGIS


With the 10.3 release of Collector for ArcGIS, you can explore new frontiers with your smartphones and tablets and boldly take field data collection where no one in your organization has taken it before. Yeah that’s pretty geeky but that’s … Continue reading

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Acoustic remote sensing

Usually, when we talk about remote sensing we’re talking about how features reflect energy onto the electromagnetic spectrum. All but one of the public/commercially available satellites currently in orbit use this kind of information. I’m looking at you, GRACE, and your wonderful wobbles.

But there’s other ways to go about measuring and identifying stuff from a distance. Here’s a cool map of the quietest places in the US that was recently published in Science. To create the map, acoustics were measured at many points across the US over sustained periods of time. It looks like that point data was then interpolated (along with ancillart datasets) to create this final map.

Quietest Places Map

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Location Architect makes map creation a breeze for MicroStrategy users


Watch the new Location Architect video in our Maps for MicroStrategy series to learn how a Location Architect model for your MicroStrategy project makes map creation a breeze for business users. Adding a map to a report only takes a … Continue reading

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More Preparing Data Workshops Scheduled!


The ArcGIS Content Team has scheduled two additional offerings of its Preparing Data for Community Maps Workshops. If you were not able to attend a previous class, or weren’t aware that they were available, we highly encourage you to attend … Continue reading

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AHN2 Netherlands in Esri World Elevation Services


by Rajinder Nagi, Lead Community Elevation In a country like Netherlands, where about half of its land is less than 1 meter (3.3 ft) above sea level, having detailed and precise elevation data is vital for applications like flood management, climate … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data community

ArcGIS Open Data

Open data is a rapidly growing movement around the globe, focused on governments, businesses, health organizations and more, to share the decision making datasets they use to intelligently manage cities, counties, states, countries, or mitigate health crisis’s and natural disasters. … Continue reading

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Spatial Analyst in ArcGIS Pro


As you will have heard by now, ArcGIS Pro is now available for download.  What does this mean for you as a Spatial Analyst extension user?  Here we’ll cover some of the specific details about what you need to know … Continue reading

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