CityEngine 2014.1 released!


As promised, here is another CityEngine release for this year. We are happy to announce CityEngine 2014.1, available for download from the customer care portal. This version introduces some new exciting functionality, many enhancements and is even more stable than the … Continue reading

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Course Change for the Arc Marine Data Model


As mentioned in a prior blog post and presentation, there have been discussions about the development of a new, improved version of the 2007 Arc Marine Data Model (also known as the “Marine Data Model”). This was an action item … Continue reading

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Mark your calendar for the September Community Maps webinar


Please join the Esri Community Maps team on September 25th at 11:00 a.m. – noon, for another free webinar filled with exciting news about the Community Maps Program! Deane Kensok, manager of ArcGIS Content, will present an overview of the … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Doing more with Story Map Shortlist symbols


The Story Map Shortlist is one of the more popular Story Map application templates. It lets you organize points of interest into tabs that make it easy for users to explore an area. Examples include the San Diego Shortlist, Palm … Continue reading

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Data Visualization with ArcGIS API for JavaScript: Show Data by Unique Value

In the first post of this series, I mentioned a good way to determine which way to visualize your data is to ask questions about the purpose of the map. In addition to “where things are,” which we already examined in that post, you may also want answer questions like:

  • What chain does each restaurant belong to in my city?
  • What is the most predominant crop of each county in the US?
  • What level of crime risk does each census tract have?

Unique value renderer is good for answering your what questions.

Continue reading

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Customize your ArcGIS Online Home Page Description


(Contributed by Bonnie Stayer, Solution Engineer on Esri’s National Government Team) In previous blog posts, we’ve covered how to customize the banner and background of your ArcGIS Online organizational home page, but did you know you can also customize the … Continue reading

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User Contributions have Improved the World Topographic Map


The ArcGIS Content Team has improved the Community Basemaps by incorporating both new and updated content to the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World. Thanks to the user community, the World Topographic Map was refreshed with 4 new contributors and 7 updates for cities and counties throughout the … Continue reading

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Make your organization home discoverable


If you have a publicly accessible organization home, you can make it easy to discover via ArcGIS Online by registering it as an item. While anyone can share an organization’s home page, this is a good task for the organization … Continue reading

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Esri Supports S-63 ENC Cells

Did you know that Esri supports S-63 ENC cells? S-63 is an International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) standard that details how electronic navigational charts, or ENCs, are encrypted, secured, and compressed. The IHO granted Esri Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) status in 2014 to support the decryption of S-63 ENC cells with Esri technology.  This status allows users to display the rich, authoritative data stored within the ENC cells throughout the ArcGIS platform. Continue reading

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Data Visualization with ArcGIS API for JavaScript

In the past year, we added some powerful, innovative, easy-to-use graphic drawing functionality in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Along with existing capabilities of the API, now you can easily create effective data visualizations on the map with a few lines of code. In this blog series, we will walk through various visualization capabilities in the API, and learn how you can utilize them to visualize your data.
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