MDA’s BaseVue 2013 Global Land Cover available on ArcGIS Online

Lena River

Esri’s Landscape Content Team is pleased to announce MDA’s BaseVue 2013 land cover data is available in the Living Atlas and as premium content in ArcGIS Online. BaseVue 2013 is a 13-class land use/land cover dataset that covers the globe, … Continue reading

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How to launch a Story Map Journal at a specific section


Story Map Journal is a very popular and versatile story map template, ideal for when you want to combine text with maps and other media. By default a Map Journal opens to the first section, also called the home section, and provides … Continue reading

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Let your maps live in 3D!

create a scene

Wish you could see your maps in 3D? Only one problem. No 3D data. Well that’s not a problem with the scene viewer. The built-in scene viewer on ArcGIS Online, has all the tools necessary to change your 2D maps … Continue reading

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How to launch a Story Map Series at a specific entry


Story Map Series is a very useful story map template, ideal for presenting a series of maps and media using several different layout options: tabs, numbered bullets, or an expandable side accordion. By default a Map Series opens to the first bullet, tab, … Continue reading

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New Learn ArcGIS Project: I Can See for Miles and Miles


In this project, you’ll perform a viewshed analysis to identify areas from which the wind turbines for a prokposed wind farm would be visible Continue reading

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Esri Maps for Office 3.0 is now available: Greater productivity with multiple maps, projections, and new tools.

Esri Maps for Office multiple maps

Do you find yourself limited with the monitor real estate when scrolling through your spreadsheet data and interacting with maps? Are you trying to overlay your map in Excel with your organization’s GIS data in different coordinate systems? Do you … Continue reading

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Legacy 2013 Tapestry Data and Report to be retired

Vote campaign

In 2014, Esri launched the next generation of Tapestry Segmentation.  It made a big splash, garnering the attention of major publications such as Time, the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, the New York Observer, Esquire, and many more. The 2014 … Continue reading

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Maps We Love: How to make great maps that engage and inspire

Maps We Love

You don’t have to be a cartographer to know that maps are everywhere. The demand for maps has never been greater–most people use maps every day and they want them to go beyond functional. Whether it’s finding simple directions or … Continue reading

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Live Stream Gauges in the Living Atlas

Pop-up Screenshot

The static blue lines you see on a map don’t tell us much about what those rivers really look like on the ground. Flash floods kill more people each year than tornados, hurricanes, and lightning combined, while drought devastates entire … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Living Atlas Community


The Living Atlas of the World is a rapidly growing part of the ArcGIS Platform, providing users with easy access to a rich set of high-quality, ready-to-use content published by Esri and the ArcGIS user community. With this newsletter and … Continue reading

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