Esri Maps for IBM Cognos supports the latest IBM Cognos Fix Packs!

The latest IBM Cognos Fix Packs—10.2.2 FP 1 and FP 2—are now supported in Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.1 and 6.0.2.

For a complete list of supported IBM Cognos versions, please see the Esri Maps for IBM Cognos supported environments documentation.

~The Esri Maps for IBM Cognos Team

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Esri Updates World Topographic and World Imagery Maps

The World Topographic Map and World Imagery Map have both been updated with new content! Esri is curating an immense and rapidly growing collection of ready-to-use maps, imagery, and geo-referenced data for the world. This online collection of authoritative content, together with the new Web GIS pattern, is having a profound impact on the way people apply GIS. As part of ArcGIS OnlineEsri’s Basemaps support a vast GIS community. Thank You to our Contributors and Partners who help support the Living Atlas of the World by providing data and enriching these amazing resources.  Continue reading

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World Land Cover 2010 from ESA now available in the Living Atlas

Excerpt from World LandCover ESA 2010 showing the Pyrenees in the south, and Garonne Valley of France in the north.

Several weeks ago, we added the World Land Cover 2010 ESA layer to the Living Atlas. This layer’s data is from the 2010 epoch of the European Space Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Land Cover Project. These data are … Continue reading

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GeometryEngine part 2: Measurement

Click image to open sample

This is the second post in a three-part series exploring the client-side GeometryEngine in the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. This series covers the following topics: Part 1: Testing spatial relationships and editing Part 2: Measurement Part 3: Overlay Analysis Last week … Continue reading

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AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 4 released

AppStudio for ArcGIS

We are pleased to announce AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 4. With AppStudio for ArcGIS you will be able to build native mapping apps that run across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and Mac).

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Making Bivariate Choropleth Maps with ArcMap


Here are links to the renderer and geoprocessing tool that can be used to make bivariate choropleth maps that I demonstrated at the 2015 Esri User Conference. Continue reading

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Free Data Health Checks at Esri Electric & Gas GIS Conference 2015

If you are an electric/gas user who missed signing up for a GIS data health check at the UC 2015, you’ll be glad to hear that Esri is offering this at the Electric & Gas GIS Conference in Providence, RI, Oct 5-8.

A GIS data health check session is where an Esri electric/gas industry expert will review and analyze a geographic subset of your data (features and attributes) by running a number of data validation checks using the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension for data quality management. Any findings will be shared with you along with reports showing percent accuracy. Continue reading

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Maps and More: Discover the Living Atlas of the World


Please join us on September 17, 2015, for a free, live training seminar to see the ready-to-use content in the Living Atlas of the World and learn how you can use it to enhance your ArcGIS maps and apps.

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Your GIS is Mobile: The GIS of the whole world plus a live data sensor in your pocket


Discover how to leverage your full GIS capabilities in the field in Chapter 8 of The ArcGIS Book With mobile GIS, your GIS maps and apps go with you wherever you go. The integration of the smartphones and tablets with … Continue reading

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Who says building native apps has to be challenging?


If you want the best user experience for your maps – online/offline use, responsiveness and personalization – there is nothing like building your own native mobile applications. Traditionally, building native apps has been challenging. First off, you needed to be … Continue reading

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