AppStudio for ArcGIS: Build Native Apps in a Snap. Now in Beta!

Today we are pleased to announce the availability of AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta. Here are three reasons why AppStudio for ArcGIS will matter to you.  Continue reading

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Making ‘Landsat on AWS’ Accessible

Unlock Earth's secrets

Amazon has announced the availability of Landsat on Amazon Web Services. Esri is actively participating in this initiative. Under this program, Amazon will host 1 petabyte of Landsat imagery from USGS on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. Esri has created … Continue reading

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Hundreds of urban areas updated in World Imagery basemap


With our most recent release, the World Imagery basemap now contains updated coverage of more than 230 urban areas around the globe. This is our third, and by far the largest, batch of Pléiades imagery released. We released Pléiades imagery … Continue reading

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Esri Optimized LAS (zLAS) I/O Runtime Library is Now Available

The zLAS I/O Library is a C++ runtime library that provides API access for reading and writing zLAS as well as converting between zLAS and LAS. It is comprised of a header file documenting the function interfaces, a lib file, and a DLL. Third party developers can use this to add support for zLAS to their applications. The library has an Apache 2.0 license which permits use and redistribution at no cost.

The library is available on GitHub:

See: Esri Optimized LAS (zLAS) FAQ

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New Learn ArcGIS Lesson: No Dumping – Drains to Ocean


In the No Dumping – Drains to Ocean project, you’ll learn how to find the area that contributes to a storm drain and the route that pollutants will take if they are dumped or washed into the drain. Continue reading

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Business Analyst Online – What’s New in March 2015

We’ve recently updated Business Analyst Online with some minor bug fixes as well as the following:  Continue reading

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Community Analyst – What’s New in March 2015

We’ve recently updated Community Analyst with some minor bug fixes as well as the following:  Continue reading

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Smart Mapping Part 2: Making Better Size and Color Maps

In our first smart mapping blog we talked about how Esri has made it easier than ever for you to create attractive maps quickly and with confidence. Now, we explore the new continuous size and continuous color maps you can make with ArcGIS Online.

Smart mapping is about authoring visually powerful maps that let the data speak for itself. As one piece of that, we introduced new ways to apply size and color to your data to tackle long-standing issues with data classification, while simultaneously overcoming some of the well-known limitations of unclassed maps.

As a map author you now have the ability to fine tune how you apply colors and sizes to your data using a histogram-based interface. It’s time to raise your cartographic game! Continue reading

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Community Maps for Hydrology FREE Webinar this Wednesday!


Register here Water touches nearly every aspect of our lives on planet earth. From the water we drink, to the air we breathe, to the landscape where we live and play, water fuels our life and our planet. To help … Continue reading

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Measuring distances and area with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET


The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET enables developers to build connected or offline Windows apps that provide end users with focused editing workflows across native Microsoft platforms (Desktop, Store, Phone).  A common developer requirement is to implement a measure tool … Continue reading

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