When Should You Use the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

To extend or enhance ArcGIS Pro, you must use the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET. However, before you start writing code, always apply the “Configure first, customize only if you have to” principle to save time and money on development work. Continue reading

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How to Apply ArcGIS Pro Software Updates

ArcGIS Pro Software Update Notification Screen

Soon, a new ArcGIS Pro software update will be available. If you have already installed ArcGIS Pro and kept the default option to be notified when an update is available, you will see a notification appear when you start ArcGIS … Continue reading

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Get quick tips with ArcGIS Online videos


ArcGIS Online videos are a great way to quickly learn how to do something in ArcGIS Online. For example, in about 3 minutes, you can learn how to create a map, create an app from a map, or create a … Continue reading

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AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2 released

Just a bit short of 2000 beta users, the AppStudio for ArcGIS beta program is full of great ideas and suggestions.  It is amazing to see the number of different apps built so far! You have helped guide our efforts and today we are pleased to announce the availability of AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2.

Your feedback has told us:

  • All platforms and form factors are important to you, but when it comes to building new apps, Windows is the most important to you.
  • You love creating apps from our templates
  • The ArcGIS Cloud Make service rocks: Being about to simply tick some boxes, and have Esri build installation files for you app for all the platforms – is pure gold!
  • We need to supply more guidance and help for creating your own apps

AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 2 provides improvements in all of these areas plus more

  • AppStudio for ArcGIS now works great on a wider range of Windows devices including virtual machines. You can also use it over Remote Desktop.
  • The current templates have been updated with improved webmap and web services support. This is of particular importance to the Map Viewer template!
  • The Extend Apps tab at doc.arcgis.com now contains topics to help you build your own app and we have started adding more video tutorials (more are coming soon!)
  • Localization is well underway for all 28 languages currently supported by ArcGIS.
  • A new AppStudio for ArcGIS video series has been created at video.arcgis.com. In here you can watch the DevSummit Tech Sessions on AppStudio for ArcGIS as well as video tutorials etc

We will continue with a close eye in our forums. Keep your feedback coming!

The AppStudio for ArcGIS Team

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Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.2 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.2.

This release offers the following updates:

  • Map legend improvements
  • Improved clustering performance
  • Support for pie chart clusters in Internet Explorer
  • Administrators can easily restore the default administrative and login settings for their environment
  • Support for IBM Cognos 10.1.1 FP4 and 10.2.1 FP6
  • Support for Google Chrome for Android version 40

Visit esri.com to download and install Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.2.

For more information about Esri Maps for IBM Cognos 6.0.2, see the Esri Maps for IBM Cognos product documentation, and be sure to visit GeoNet to get help from the community.

~The Esri Maps for IBM Cognos Team

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Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS – Live Sites Showcase


There’s been a lot of excitement around Web AppBuilder, because it enables you to create new custom web mapping applications in an intuitive, easy to use, WYSIWYG wizard-like environment. You can create apps that run on any device without having … Continue reading

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World Imagery basemap updated with NAIP imagery for the United States


The World Imagery basemap now includes more recent 1-meter resolution imagery for much of the United States. The addition of USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) imagery from the National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP) now provides NAIP 2013 imagery for 23 states … Continue reading

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Bring Your Well-Earned GPS Tracks to Life

GPS Running Tracks Heat Map

Many runners and cyclists these days are logging their routes with GPS so they can view the path that they just completed when they get back home. ArcGIS allows you to create stunning web maps and applications that display all your … Continue reading

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Maps and Imagery of the Nepal Earthquake

Compare pre- and post-event imagery to explore damage caused by the Nepal Earthquake.  *After earthquake imagery provided by Airbus Defense and Space.

The Esri Disaster Response team has assembled a collection of maps and imagery of the Nepal Earthquake (Himalayan earthquake) and the response effort.  These are available for you to use at no cost.  The collection includes a swipe map that compares imagery … Continue reading

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Want to take ArcGIS Pro offline? In most cases, you may not need to.


Last Friday afternoon, my coworker Kelly offered to give me a ride home since my car was in the shop. I told Kelly that I needed a few more minutes to check out my ArcGIS Pro license because I was … Continue reading

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