Open a Story Map Tour at a specific tour stop


The Story Map Tour is one of the more popular Esri story map templates. It’s been used for stories like City of Santa Clara Development Projects, Top 10 Things to Experience in Tacoma, and many more that you will find … Continue reading

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Great Maps Need Great Data: Creating and using authoritative geographic data


Discover a world of content in the Living Atlas in Chapter 4 of The ArcGIS Book It is no secret that one of the most challenging aspects of starting a GIS project is finding authoritative data. After all, the old … Continue reading

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AppStudio for ArcGIS Beta 3 released and publicly available

AppStudio Home Page

AppStudio for ArcGIS (Beta 3) is now publicly available, directly from the product site. Application to join the esri early adopter community is no longer required. Go to to and sign in with a Named User account to download AppStudio … Continue reading

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Migrate your content into ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro

There are many reasons to begin working with ArcGIS Pro 1.1. When you decide to use Pro for your workflows, it’s important to know how to migrate your content. The first step to bringing your existing GIS work from other … Continue reading

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Add the ArcGIS Online map viewer to your Story Map


The map viewer is the primary map authoring app in ArcGIS Online. It’s best for assembling and configuring maps, exploring data, and performing analysis. Because of these strengths, it’s not the ideal choice when you want to display a map … Continue reading

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Add PowerPoint slides to your Story Map


PowerPoint is the standard when it comes to presentations. PowerPoint slides can also be useful additions to your Story Map, providing an introduction, additional context, interesting graphics, and more. Here’s how to use PowerPoint slides (or any graphic) in your … Continue reading

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Quickly share your map using an app


If you want to share your map with others, using configurable apps is easy, and preferable to sharing using the map viewer. But if you need to share a map quickly, you don’t have to take the extra steps to … Continue reading

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Sending email from web map pop-ups


Email can be sent directly from web map pop-ups using pop-up configurations. Which configuration approach is best will be determined by how the email addresses are stored in the layer attributes. This post covers two examples of how the email … Continue reading

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Tips for using tags effectively


Tags can be added to any item, and are a useful way to quickly and easily identify and find specific content that you own, or that can be found within your organization or outside it. There are a number of … Continue reading

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Introducing Esri’s Four-Part Technical Webinar-Series: Save Water with ArcGIS

Conserving water is a strategic priority for many water utilities, especially those facing drought. Yet conservation is complex. There are too many moving pieces to have a single, silver-bullet solution.  To conserve water in an appreciable way, your utility must focus on increasing water efficiency and reducing customer demand.

You can do both with ArcGIS. Map-based visuals, spatial analytics, and collaboration capabilities help you deploy proven workflows, templates, and applications that save water. Continue reading

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