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Preview of Open Data

Open Data Badge

Location provides a common context through which we can compare different domains of data in order to understand complex relationships. Government agencies gather this data as part of their mission and daily operations – but no one cares as much … Continue reading

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS Now Available

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISQuickly View Activity-Based Metrics and Real-Time Reports

Ever wonder how many web maps were created in your organization today, or how many services were registered and shared this week? Do you want to compare activity and use from this month with that from last month? Ever thought that it would be nice to see a quick snapshot of how many users are publishers, or how many users logged into the platform today? Do you know how many collaboration and sharing groups you have in your organization?

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2 Update 1 released

This morning we released a minor update to the Operations Dashboard to address an issue connecting to services through a proxy (NIM097295). If you are using ArcGIS Online then you can  either wait for the Operations Dashboard to notify you of an update or you can uninstall and download the update from ArcGIS Online now. If you are using Portal for ArcGIS, we are uploading utility and it will be available inside of the Customer Care portal Monday January 27th. Look for a download  titled “Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2 Update 1 Deployment Utility”.

Dashboard team

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Development strategies for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Development strategies for targeting Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

Everyone knows that consumer devices are now in the hands of everyone from toddlers to your grandparents, and your information when designed for mobile, can reach more individuals than ever before. You may know that you need a mobile strategy, … Continue reading

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Esri’s Living Atlas of the World and Community Maps Year-End Review


The ArcGIS Platform brings together maps, apps, data, and people to make smarter decisions and enable innovation in your organization and community. ArcGIS includes a Living Atlas of the World with beautiful and authoritative maps on hundreds of topics. The Living Atlas combines reference and … Continue reading

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Version 3.6 of ArcGIS API for Flex and ArcGIS Viewer for Flex Released


Version 3.6 of both the ArcGIS API for Flex and ArcGIS Viewer for Flex was released on Tuesday December 17th, 2013.  This release was focused on key user enhancement requests and bug fixes for both the Viewer and API. API Enhancements For a complete … Continue reading

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Version 3.2 of the ArcGIS API for Silverlight and ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight now available!

New versions of the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight and ArcGIS API for Silverlight are now available for download.  For the 3.2 release, the development team has worked hard to implement key functionality and improve product quality.  Continue reading

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Esri Maps for SharePoint 4.0 Beta released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for SharePoint 4.0 Beta 1. Esri Maps for SharePoint offers interactive and configurable mapping components that provide you with a geospatial view of your organization’s data, and leverages the ArcGIS platform for sharing and collaboration in your organization. Additionally, you can take advantage of the maps and data on ArcGIS Online to supplement your existing data.

With the 4.0 Beta 1 release, Esri Maps for SharePoint now includes support for SharePoint Online in addition to Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013. In the upcoming 4.0 Beta refresh releases you’ll see additional features and functionality in the Esri Maps Web part to match the existing functionality of the ArcGIS Map Web part and the introduction of an extensibility API for the JavaScript-based Esri Maps Web part. Continue reading

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JFinteraKtive: The assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy

by Nathan Shephard and Kenneth Field

November 22nd 1963. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald while in Dallas, Texas. It’s been 50 years since the cataclysmic event in Dealey Plaza and the fascination, conspiracies and consistent speculation on what happened and why have been ever-present in the intervening years.

Here, we present JFinteraKtive, an interactive 3D Web Scene of the shocking moments that changed the world we live in. 

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Because our World is 3D


We are pleased to announce the release of the 3D GIS landing page on Here you can find in one location: why 3D is important for GIS professionals, an overview of the 3D strengths of the ArcGIS system videos … Continue reading

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