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Server-side processing in Pro


As datasets get larger it makes more sense to do your image analysis and processing where the data is rather than moving it to your personal computer. Until now, when working with an image service, you’ve had two options. If … Continue reading

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High Level look at virtualizing ArcGIS Pro


Projects deploying ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments are underway. As the IT industry virtualizes more desktops and applications, ArcGIS Pro will be virtualized and is expected to work well in those environments. For that reason the Performance Engineering team has … Continue reading

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Taming Typography with ArcGIS Pro

by Kenneth Field, Senior Cartographic Product Engineer

Typography is one of the most important elements in map design. Successfully lettering your map includes the selection of typographic elements, deciding what to include, what to omit, how to portray your type and then where to position it. There are a good many cartographic conventions that help us in making these decisions such as using size to create a hierarchy of importance amongst the features you label, using color and style (e.g. italics) to denote certain features such as water and positioning labels so they don’t conflict with other symbols. Lettering your map is often called a ‘necessary evil’ because labels don’t really exist in the real world – yet they are fundamental to how we recognize and describe places on our maps. With ArcGIS Pro, lettering your map just got a whole lot easier so let’s take a look at some of the new and improved capabilities you can use to help you make beautiful maps with well-honed typography. Continue reading

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ArcGIS for Server on Microsoft Azure (beta) is now available

The ArcGIS team is thrilled to announce that we now have an ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Server virtual machine (VM) image available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This image is available in all public Azure data centers world wide.

To complement the image, we provide a Windows-based desktop application called ArcGIS Server Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure, which you can download.

You can use Cloud Builder to deploy a GIS server or a full web GIS on Microsoft Azure virtual machines. This allows you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that Azure offers, along with the mapping and sharing capabilities inherent in the ArcGIS platform. Cloud Builder is currently in beta and the team is hard at work to deliver the final version.

We look forward to your feedback and learning about your experiences with the software. Please join the Early Adopter group to provide feedback and receive troubleshooting assistance.  To learn more about the software, see the ArcGIS Server on Microsoft Azure documentation.

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National Day of Civic Hacking


The US National Day of Civic Hacking is a day where thousands of developers, data scientists, government staff, civic hackers and citizens gather to create innovative solutions for communities to improve local services. It’s a unique opportunity to meet neighbors and use … Continue reading

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Tour the Star Wars Galaxy

A long time ago. . .

On May 25, 1977, the greatest movie ever made was released. On May 19, 1999, the adventure started all over again. On December 18, 2015, the journey continues. Naturally, I am talking about Star Wars.

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Moving Beyond the ArcGIS App for Smartphones and Tablets


Back in 2010 Esri released its first native app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone…the ArcGIS app.  This app has also been referred to as the “ArcGIS app for smartphones and tablets” and sometimes as the “Green App” (because of … Continue reading

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Virtualizing ArcGIS Pro: Nvidia Grid vGPU Profiles


During the development of ArcGIS Pro, the Performance Engineering Team at Esri has been testing ArcGIS Pro in virtualized environments with shareable GPU’s extensively within our lab.   ArcGIS Pro needs to virtualize well and since GPU acceleration can be shared … Continue reading

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Pass the classification but hold the salt and pepper!

cir segment

ArcGIS has improved its suite of classification tools including advanced algorithms and the ability to segment an image. Segmentation looks at neighboring pixels and groups them together if they share the same spectral characteristics and it can also understand the … Continue reading

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Configuring the Basic Viewer template

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 1.06.01 PM

The Basic Viewer template, available in the ArcGIS Online template gallery, is a simple way to create an application that offers the following functionality: Search for locations and features Edit features and attributes Measure distance and area Easily navigate to … Continue reading

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