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Using Create Story to choose a Story Map


Story Maps harness the power of maps and geography to tell a story by combining web maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. Story maps use an interactive builder that guides you through the process of authoring a story. There … Continue reading

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What’s New on the Story Maps Website for October 2015


The Esri Story Maps website has been updated to make it faster and easier for you to start making story maps! There’s a new Create Story wizard that lets you pick one of the hosted Story Map apps and start … Continue reading

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5 New Ways to View Transit


Who are the people served by your city’s transit system? And who isn’t, but should be? How does transit change throughout the day? And what is the best way to analyze service areas? As urban areas are investing more time, … Continue reading

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Citizen Science Resources


[updated October 9, 2015] Data is critical. It drives decisions. It drives science. It drives us forward. To get the robust data sets needed, researchers increasingly look to citizens for contributions.  With the prevalence of tablets and mobile devices, people … Continue reading

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Adding links to captions in your Story Map Tour


The Story Map Tour template is one of the most popular story map templates, combining an interactive map, a photo and text panel, and a thumbnail carousel to create a compelling virtual tour. You will find many examples on the Story … Continue reading

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Adding Flickr albums to Story Maps


Flickr is a very popular photo sharing site with many millions of users. One of its features is an album, letting you organize photos by category or theme. Album contents can be viewed using auto-slideshow mode, or click-to-advance. Follow these … Continue reading

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Maps and More: Discover the Living Atlas of the World


Please join us on September 17, 2015, for a free, live training seminar to see the ready-to-use content in the Living Atlas of the World and learn how you can use it to enhance your ArcGIS maps and apps.

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Creating Common Disaster Information Products for a Zombie Infestation


Earlier this year, the Esri Disaster Response Program team presented a live training seminar on our lessons learned from past events.  During this presentation, we covered the top ten information products that we often make when supporting our users.  Those … Continue reading

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The Power of Apps: Focused tools that get work done


Explore innovative ways to use apps for your ArcGIS work in Chapter 7 of The ArcGIS Book Apps are often built around targeted workflows that deliver streamlined user experiences. They’re designed to guide users through specific tasks, to show only … Continue reading

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Something worth causing a scene about: 8 new scenes for you to explore


We’ve come a long way from Gutenberg’s printing press. Communicating your message is easier and faster today than at any point in history. Within minutes, you can publish a blog or build a website. Also within minutes, you can make … Continue reading

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