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Looking for Duplicate Features in your GIS


Duplicate features in your GIS can cause problems during analysis. A typical scenario is when only one of the duplicate features is updated but the analysis runs on the other not-updated feature. This will result in incorrect analysis. Another scenario … Continue reading

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Support for OGC GeoPackage specification in ArcGIS.

Have you heard about the OGC GeoPackage specification (  It is a newly minted OGC spec that defines GeoPackages for exchange and GeoPackage SQLite Extensions for direct use of vector geospatial features and/or tile matrix sets. Esri has actively participated in the spec activity from the very beginning. To this end, we were one of the very early adopters of the specification ( early support even before the spec was approved by OGC membership). Continue reading

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Preview of Open Data

Open Data Badge

Location provides a common context through which we can compare different domains of data in order to understand complex relationships. Government agencies gather this data as part of their mission and daily operations – but no one cares as much … Continue reading

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LAS Optimizer Updated to Perform Faster Decompression

Esri’s LAS Optimizer has been updated to include support for parallel decompression. The initial version supported parallel processing when going from LAS to Optimized LAS, but the other direction, going back to LAS, was single threaded. It’s now parallel in both directions. This significantly decreases the time it takes to decompress the files and is worth the update.

Esri LAS Optimizer: LAS Optimizer
General Information: Esri Introduces Optimized LAS

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Important Patch Now Available for ArcGIS 10.2

There is an important patch that we wanted to make sure you are aware of…  If you are experiencing crashes when opening Shapefiles, make sure you get this patch (Knowledge Base Article 41680).

At ArcGIS 10.2 there is a shapefile issue which results in a crash. This is caused by a buffer overrun that is most likely to occur when there are large numbers of fields in the dBase file.

The patch to fix this issue is available now for ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop, Engine and Server users.

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Introducing the Data Reviewer Dashboard Widget for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex

Provide insight and raise awareness by reporting the scope and severity of errors in your data

Maintaining data to meet standards of quality is a challenging investment of both time and resources. This is especially true for those organizations with evolving business requirements because the definition of what constitutes “good quality” data keeps changing. As these … Continue reading

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New ArcGIS Data Reviewer Web Course Available!


We are excited to announce the availability of our first ArcGIS Data Reviewer web course on Esri’s Training site. The Data QC with ArcGIS: Automating Validation course teaches automated workflows to ensure data adheres to your organization’s quality standards. You will learn … Continue reading

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ST_Geometry Aggregate Functions for Hive in Spatial Framework for Hadoop

We are pleased to announce that the ST_Geometry aggregate functions are now available for Hive, in the Spatial Framework for Hadoop. The aggregate functions can be used to perform a convex-hull, intersection, or union operation on geometries from multiple records of a dataset.

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Broken Image Service Layers on ArcGIS Server for Linux

cairo planning

If you create a mosaic dataset in a file geodatabase on a Windows machine, and then copy it over to a Linux machine, your paths within the mosaic dataset will be incorrect. To publish the Windows mosaic dataset as an … Continue reading

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Vehicle Trip Discovery with GIS Tools for Hadoop

An interesting task in highway management is to study potential impact of driver carpooling, based on an analysis of automatically collected automobile GPS position data. To identify potential enhancements to carpool participation, we set out to study places that have the highest numbers of trips with similar origin and destination locations. The source data for this experiment consists of nearly 40 million vehicle position records assembled from a single day of GPS-collected vehicle positions. The position data consists of longitude and latitude along with date, time, and speed. We used the Hadoop MapReduce framework for distributed parallel computation, considering its capability for analyzing larger data sets. Continue reading

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