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Finding Disconnected Features in your Geometric Network


ArcGIS 10.2.1 introduced a new geoprocessing tool, Find Disconnected Features in Geometric Network (Data Management Tools toolbox –> Geometric Network toolset), that you can use in conjunction with Data Reviewer’s Write to Reviewer Table geoprocessing tool to capture disconnected geometric … Continue reading

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To Split Or Not To Split…The Line?


A common validation rule is to check if a point feature splits the line it is connected to. This is essential for proper network analysis. For example, Electric utility – switch must split primary conductor Water utility – valve must … Continue reading

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Validating Electric Distribution Conductor Info Relationships

Fig 2

Sometimes validating a business rule might require more than one check to be configured.  One such example that I would like to highlight today is from the electric utility realm: validating primary and secondary lines relationships to the conductor info … Continue reading

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QA/QC for Arc Hydro Terrain Preprocessing Vector Data: The Arc Hydro health check using Data Reviewer


The Arc Hydro team has developed a data health check process that uses the ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension to assess and diagnose the quality of water resources data. The ArcGIS Data Reviewer extension is a set of functions and processes … Continue reading

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Finding Invalid Values Based on a Lookup Table

RoadCenterline - Invalid FULLNAME check_Both

Just recently, I was asked why a check does not return the proper results.  This is a question I get from time to time and thought it would be a good idea to share in a blog.  Let’s take the … Continue reading

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Free Data Health Checks at Esri Pacific User Group Meeting


Esri is offering the free GIS data health checks at the upcoming Pacific User Group meeting in Redlands on November 21st. A GIS data health check is a 45-minute review and analysis of your data (features and attributes) by an … Continue reading

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Important Patch Now Available for ArcGIS 10.2

There is an important patch that we wanted to make sure you are aware of…  If you are experiencing crashes when opening Shapefiles, make sure you get this patch (Knowledge Base Article 41680).

At ArcGIS 10.2 there is a shapefile issue which results in a crash. This is caused by a buffer overrun that is most likely to occur when there are large numbers of fields in the dBase file.

The patch to fix this issue is available now for ArcGIS 10.2 for Desktop, Engine and Server users.

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Validating Features in ArcPad

validate data

When using ArcPad to edit features in the field, there are many things we can do to ensure that the data is clean and accurate. Intuitive form design, using Quick Fields and GPS averaging can all be used to help … Continue reading

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Sync with Feature Services in ArcPad 10.2

Get Data for ArcPad

In ArcPad 10.2, direct support for synchronization with feature services was introduced as a replacement for synchronizing with the ArcPad Extension for ArcGIS Server. This new feature is easy to use and especially easy to incorporate into your existing ArcPad … Continue reading

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Using Online Data in ArcPad 10.2

Online Services

In ArcPad 10.2, users have more options than ever before for using online data when working in a connected environment. If you have data coverage in the field, or are only connected when you are in the office, there are … Continue reading

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