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Join Esri Devs at Tech Conferences this Summer

Because many of our folks are coding things for people who code, we try to attend, sponsor and present at a lot of tech conferences. Here are some of the ones we’ll be at in the coming months.
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ArcGIS API for JavaScript Version 3.10 Released

Version 3.10 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript is now available! Below is a complete listing of new features, enhancements and changes included in this release. The same information is available in the What’s New in 3.10 page in the SDK.
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Native app developers, only one day to go ’til UC!

Our favorite week of the year is just about here. The ArcGIS Runtime team is anxious to see what you’ve been up to and show you want we’ve been up to!

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Impact Summary: Dazzle Them With Your Data


Esri’s Disaster Response Program helps support worldwide incidents, such as earthquakes, floods, wildfires, and severe weather. To increase public knowledge of the disaster impacts, we wanted an app to highlight areas and show related statistics, such as data that shows … Continue reading

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GeoForm: Editing via pop-UPs got you DOWN?

Pop-up editing

Frustrated with submitting data via a pop-up? Collecting map information doesn’t need to be so map-centric. Many non-GIS users are accustomed to entering data via a form, not a map pop-up. It’s not always about the map, sometimes it’s about … Continue reading

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New Forums are on the Way!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that we will soon be rolling out a new, evolved discussion forum over the next few weeks as part of the new Esri community platform called GeoNet.

For more information and to discuss further, feel free to jump into the conversation here.

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The UC Will Have a Lot for Developers

Speed Geeking for developers at Esri UC

The Esri User Conference is an amazing experience for all users of Esri’s software, and it will be especially so for the rockstars of the GIS community – the geospatial developers, or GeoDevs. This July 14-18, there will be about 15,000 people in San Diego for the Esri UC, and we hope to see you there!
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CityEngine 2014.0 released!


This year, there will be more CityEngine releases than in previous years so we can deliver you new features and bug fixes quicker. First up is CityEngine 2014.0, released on the 30th of May 2014 and available for download from … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 10.2.3 Beta is available!

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 10.2.3 beta is now available on the Esri Beta Community.   This is a quality release that resolves some issues encountered in the previous beta.  A number of enhancements have also been included with the product:

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Using the ArcGIS Android SDK with Android Studio – Part 1

Google’s Android Studio is a developer IDE based on IntelliJ IDEA platform.  The platform is still in early access preview. If you are not comfortable using an unfinished product, you may want to continue to use the Eclipse Plugin bundled with the ArcGIS Android SDK.

Android Studio Basics

In Eclipse you have the concept of a workspace which can consist of multiple projects linked or unlinked.  In Android Studio, projects are replaced by App Modules and Libary Modules.  Modules are a discrete unit of functionality that can be run, tested, and debugged independently.  Modules are somewhat similar to an Eclipse project with a few key differences: Continue reading

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