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Adding audio to your story map map tours


In previous posts we’ve covered adding websites, videos, and even CityEngine web scenes to story map map tours. In this post we’ll outline how you can add audio to enhance the storytelling experience for viewers of your tours. This example … Continue reading

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Collector – Disconnected editing and sync

With the 10.2.2 release of Collector for ArcGIS in March you will be able to use maps on your smartphone or tablet when disconnected from the network. We started blogging about this last month by discussing how you will be able to download maps to your device. In this article we want to discuss feature services, the flow of data, and synchronizing edits. Continue reading

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Oceans and 3D are the focus for upcoming Community Maps webinar

Ocean And 3D Basemaps

It is time to announce the speakers for the next installment of the monthly Community Maps webinar.  This time we are thrilled to be joined by two members of the larger Community Maps content team – Caitlyn Raines and Brian … Continue reading

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CityEngine 2013 key new features


The CityEngine 2013 release has some very exciting new features. Here is a quick overview: Create and Share Rule Packages Create a so-called rule package from a CityEngine rule and associated assets such as textures and generic 3D models. Share … Continue reading

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What’s coming in ArcGIS Online March 2014


The next ArcGIS Online update is targeted for early March, 2014. New features in this update will include the following: Custom Roles The existing organizational roles of Administrator, Publisher, and User are being complemented by the addition of custom roles. … Continue reading

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Preview of Open Data

Open Data Badge

Location provides a common context through which we can compare different domains of data in order to understand complex relationships. Government agencies gather this data as part of their mission and daily operations – but no one cares as much … Continue reading

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Introducing a new map tour workflow


With recent updates and changes to the ArcGIS for Storytelling website, a new streamlined workflow was introduced for authoring Map Tour story maps. Previous workflows started by authoring a web map first, and then launching the map tour builder from … Continue reading

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Activity Dashboard for ArcGIS Now Available

Activity Dashboard for ArcGISQuickly View Activity-Based Metrics and Real-Time Reports

Ever wonder how many web maps were created in your organization today, or how many services were registered and shared this week? Do you want to compare activity and use from this month with that from last month? Ever thought that it would be nice to see a quick snapshot of how many users are publishers, or how many users logged into the platform today? Do you know how many collaboration and sharing groups you have in your organization?

Continue reading

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Update: Maintenance upgrade to ArcGIS Online map servers


NOTE AS OF FEB. 21, 2014:  The basemap system upgrade to ArcGIS 10.2 for Server occurred last night.  See Basemap System Upgrade to ArcGIS 10.2 for Server Completed for the latest information on this update. The Esri ArcGIS Online Basemap … Continue reading

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An Ocean of Story Maps: Updated

New links have been added to the prior blog post An Ocean of Story Maps. Some of these include web maps and downloads in addition to the “traditional” Esri-style story map. Please feel free to bookmark and return as I will try to keep updating the original blog post throughout the year! There is a lot of wonderful work out there!


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