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The 2014 Community Maps Tour Dates Being Scheduled!

Community Maps Tour 2014

The Community Maps Team is taking a road trip across America. The 2014 Community Maps Tour is being scheduled. Members of our team will be making several stops this year to a town near you. We will be conducting Technical … Continue reading

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Using your own Basemap layers with Collector for ArcGIS

Basemap layers play an important role in the field work that you do – they provide a geographic reference when collecting or updating data in the field. You can choose from a number of Esri-provided basemap layers or you can use the landbase, aerial imagery or any other reference layers you create and manage within your GIS.

When you need to work offline – Esri basemaps can be downloaded directly to your smartphone or tablet using the Collector app and we provide quite a few of them for you to choose from. Continue reading

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Fairfax County Virginia Community Maps Success Story

Fairfax County in the State of Virginia has been a contributor to Esri’s Community Maps since 2010.  Brendan Ford, the County’s GIS Applications Manager was drawn to the program by the prospect of using ArcGIS Online basemaps instead of building their own basemaps to support applications.  Before joining the Community Maps, Brendan and his team spent a considerable amount of time  developing basemap content with their first released web applications.  Due to the subjective nature of the basemap cartography, where they started from scratch on symbols and label fonts, they struggled to develop a consistent basemap usable by multiple applications.  Using the high-quality cartography of the World Topographic Map on ArcGIS Online was an easy choice for the new versions of their web mapping applications. Continue reading

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Welcome to Resampling!


You may have recently noticed some new behavior when zooming in to larger scales in the ArcGIS Online basemaps.  Previously, in areas that lacked content at large scales, you would get a gray box with a “Map data not yet available” label.  … Continue reading

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Collector and Operations Dashboard 10.2.2 Updates Released!

Today we completed the final phase of our 10.2.2 app updates by releasing Collector for ArcGIS into the iTunes App Store.

The 10.2.2 release of both Collector and the Operations Dashboard mark provide new opportunities to leverage Web GIS and the ArcGIS platform within your organization.

For more information, please see our Product Release Announcement located on

Apps Team


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Routing Enhancements to ArcGIS Online

find routes

With last week’s update of ArcGIS Online came two specific routing enhancements:  the new “FindRoutes” service available in Desktop, and the new “Route to all Features” option in the Map Viewer. FindRoutes Service – Ready-To-Use Services – ArcMap We’ve … Continue reading

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Collector for ArcGIS 10.2.2 phased release


We are happy to announce the phased roll out of Collector for ArcGIS v10.2.2! Android users will start seeing updates available over the next few days and early next week it will be available to all users on both iOS … Continue reading

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Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2.2 Released!

Late breaking news! The apps team just released an update to the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS!  Version 10.2.2 is available for right now and you can download the Windows Dashboard here.

We have added support for opening and viewing operation views within in a Browser so now the same real-time view of operations is available on your iPad or Android tablet as well as your Windows desktop. For more details, read this blog post or even better, take a look at our new doc!

NOTE: Portal for ArcGIS customers will be able to download the Windows app deployment utility from the customer care site late next week but will need to wait for the Browser app to be rolled out this summer.

Dashboard team

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What’s New in ArcGIS Online (March 2014)


It’s time to refresh your browser - ArcGIS Online has been updated with the following new features and enhancements. This update includes changes and additions for administering organizations, web map templates, and more. It also includes new data and map services … Continue reading

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Adding Flickr sets to story map map tours


In a previous post we covered how to add photos from Flickr to your story map map tours. In this post, we’ll add a complete slideshow from a Flickr photo set to a tour stop in an existing tour. This … Continue reading

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