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ArcGIS for Android App update available now!

The Mobile team has released an update to the ArcGIS for Android app today!

There are several key bug fixes and enhancements that improve app stability (NIM084516, NIM084565), support for an on-premises Portal, and secured services (NIM84775).

Hop over to Google Play and update the ArcGIS app now!

Mobile Team

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Welcome to Esri Landscape Layers


Landscape Layers are a recent addition to the wealth of information about our natural and manmade environments now available online. These layers are part of the ever expanding and ready to use Living Atlas that is part of These … Continue reading

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Getting Started with Esri Landscape Layers


The image services for landscape layers being published by Esri to ArcGIS Online are a valuable new source of application ready data content.  More than 60 of these services are accessible right now through an ArcGIS Online organization account. The … Continue reading

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Map extents in ArcGIS Online

Set Extent dialog box

Have you ever tried to create two maps with the same extent? You line everything up on your monitor in the same place, use the same scale, and click Save. But when you open the two maps in another computer … Continue reading

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Check Out What’s Coming in ArcGIS Online

what's coming

We are getting close to the next release of ArcGIS Online, scheduled for the evening of September 17, 2013. Here’s what’s coming: ArcGIS Marketplace launch ArcGIS Marketplace provides your organization with an easier way to discover and access apps and … Continue reading

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How we made the Rim Fire Critical Points of Interest Map

Rim Fire Critical Points of Interest Map

Creating a map showing a fire perimeter with ArcGIS Online is more straightforward than you might think. The most important layer—the fire location and perimeter—is a publicly shared layer in ArcGIS Online that is generated from a data feed provided … Continue reading

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Introducing the new Community Maps participation agreement

If you joined (or even considered joining) Esri Community Maps before 2013 you are no doubt aware that one of the requirements for program membership was signing a lengthy participation agreement known affectionately as form G-181.  The intent of this five page document was actually very simple – to clarify that the contributor gives Esri the permission to host their content in our Community Map services and that the contributor retains all rights and ownership of the source data.  Unfortunately, the length, detail and, frankly, the legalese of the participation agreement sometimes made the process of signing it more of an obstacle to be confronted rather than a common sense step to be quickly addressed.

That all changed in March of this year when a new, much simpler participation agreement was released.  While the intent and contractual details remain the same, the new agreement is shorter (two pages as opposed to five) and is written in common language and an easily understood manner.  The new agreement is even integrated into the online Contribution App where you can click through and agree to the terms as part of your initial Community Maps membership registration.

So if the original form G-181 was an impediment to your organization joining Esri Community Maps, check out the online Contribution App and the new participation agreement.  Joining has never been easier and now could be your time to become a member and help build the living atlas of the world.

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2013 NACIS conference will include ArcGIS Online web mapping workshop

The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) will hold their annual conference in Greenville, South Carolina on October 9-11. This year, in addition to the terrific agenda of presentations and activities, the conference will also include a hands-on workshop on Creating and Sharing Web Maps with ArcGIS Online. The workshop will cover the vast collection of GIS resources available through ArcGIS Online as well as best practices for finding and using different types of ArcGIS Online services to build quality Web maps and apps which can be shared publicly or within a private group and accessed on just about any web-enabled device.

The workshop is on October 12th, and is just $20 for conference attendees and $60 for students who choose to just attend the workshop.  To find out more about the NACIS conference and the Creating and Sharing Web Maps with ArcGIS Online workshop, visit

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User contributions continue to improve the Community Map in North America


Expanded coverage continues to improve the World Topographic Map in regions of the United States and Canada. Click the web application below for a quick tour of areas with new and updated content.

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Increasing Preparedness Using the My Hazard Information Application


Sharing information with the public in a map form on the hazards they face is a great way to help increase preparedness.  We are proud to announce the release of the My Hazard Information application as a part of our … Continue reading

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