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New Data in the World Ocean Basemap!

The Ocean Basemap Team is thrilled to announce a new contributor to the Ocean Basemap Program:  OceanWise!  As part of the Community Maps program, the Ocean Basemap grows and expands based on contributions from the community.  Thanks to OceanWise, the World Ocean Basemap now includes 6 arc-second, or approximately 180 m resolution data for all of the British Isles.

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Do more with Collector using barcode scanners

Utility meters, poles, pipes, traffic signs – the fixed assets that you manage inside of the ArcGIS platform are not only mapped but are often tagged with durable, weather resistant barcodes that uniquely identify each asset inside of an asset management system.

Quite often we are asked if Collector for ArcGIS running on a smartphone or tablet can be paired with a barcode scanner so that as you map asset locations you can capture the barcodes placed on them as well…

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Street Map updated in North America, now includes Community Map Contributions


Update as of June 26, 2014:  Light Gray Canvas Basemap was released last night with updated North America content.  These layers now contain commercial data co-mingled with community contributions in select areas of the map.  The current list of communities in Light Gray … Continue reading

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World Imagery Updated at Multiple Scales


The World Imagery basemap was recently refreshed with more recent and more detailed imagery from small to medium-scales.  From ~1:591M to ~1:577k, TerraColor 15m imagery is now displayed globally.  Between ~1:288k and ~1:72k, the primary source is SPOTMaps 2.5m imagery … Continue reading

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Increasing accuracy when using Full Motion Video


Without jumping right into the nitty gritty of how full motion video works—I’ll do that below for the geeks who read this blog—you can use an elevation dataset to increase positional accuracy when working with FMV. To access the Accuracy … Continue reading

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175,000 U.S. Historical Maps–Now Online!


More than 175,000 historical topographic maps from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) are now available on ArcGIS Online. For over 130 years, the USGS has prepared these detailed maps to accurately show the complex geography of the nation. Maps cover … Continue reading

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How to Embed a Map Gallery in a Web Page

choose options

You’ve put together a gallery of your authoritative maps and now you want to share it. Of course you can feature the gallery on your ArcGIS Online home page, but you can also embed it in your organization’s website, blog, … Continue reading

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Adding Flickr albums to story map tours (update)


In a previous post we detailed how you can add Flickr sets to story map tours. Since that was posted there have been some changes to Flickr. Sets have now become albums, and while the steps are slightly different you … Continue reading

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Repetitive Feature Collection made easy with Collector

When you are out in the field collecting data, quite often you find yourself collecting the same information over and over again – either multiple things at the same location or multiples of the same thing at different locations. If you have encountered this, then read on because there is a setting in Collector that you really need to know about… Continue reading

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Elevation and Hydrology Analysis with ArcGIS Online Live Training Seminar

Watershed Delineation

Elevation analysis services, hosted by ArcGIS Online, are a new option for performing analyses that require elevation and hydrologic data. For example, you can find the slope of a road, calculate a viewshed, or discover where water flows to or … Continue reading

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