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Sending email from web map pop-ups


Email can be sent directly from web map pop-ups using pop-up configurations. Which configuration approach is best will be determined by how the email addresses are stored in the layer attributes. This post shows you how to send an email … Continue reading

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Our User Community is updating the Living Atlas of the World


The World Topographic Map and World Imagery Map have both been updated with new content! As part of ArcGIS Online, Esri’s Basemaps support a vast GIS community. Thank You to our Contributors and Partners who help support the Living Atlas of the World by providing data and enriching these … Continue reading

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Tips for creating hosted feature layers


Feature layers are often the best type of layer to use for visualizing your vector data in web maps. They are easily placed on top of tiled basemaps for geographic context and support interactive queries and selection, on-the-fly styling, and … Continue reading

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StreetMap Premium optimized for use in ArcGIS Pro


StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS is a ready-to-use dataset for map display, geocoding, and routing. It’s been around for years in the file geodatabase format, and for use in Desktop and Server. Recent advancements in Desktop (ArcGIS Pro) include a map … Continue reading

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5 New Ways to View Transit


Who are the people served by your city’s transit system? And who isn’t, but should be? How does transit change throughout the day? And what is the best way to analyze service areas? As urban areas are investing more time, … Continue reading

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GIS is Social: Web GIS is the GIS of the world


Discover ways to increase the visibility of your GIS work in Chapter 10 of The ArcGIS Book Modern GIS is about participation, sharing, and collaboration. GIS professionals help people in organizations big and small make better decisions, reduce costs, work … Continue reading

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ArcGIS Open Data Site of the Week: Alberta Geological Survey, Canada

Alberta Open Data Catalogue home page

Governments and organizations have been hard at work creating Open Data sites to make their authoritative data accessible, discoverable, explorable, and collaborative. There are over 32,000 datasets in the Open Data catalog and over 100 sites in the ArcGIS Open Data site gallery for you to … Continue reading

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What’s new in ArcGIS Open Data: September 24, 2015

Bicycle crashes in Melbourne

A new version of ArcGIS Open Data was released this week – two new releases in one month! Read on to see the new features to take advantage of. Heat Maps With the current smart mapping functionality, users can create … Continue reading

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Use Living Atlas Image Services in Your Desktop Analysis


“The Living Atlas of the World brings ready-to-use data to the ArcGIS Platform creating a complete global Geographic Information System.” That sounds good, doesn’t it?  But what does it mean? It means the Living Atlas isn’t just for making web … Continue reading

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Citizen Science Resources


[updated October 9, 2015] Data is critical. It drives decisions. It drives science. It drives us forward. To get the robust data sets needed, researchers increasingly look to citizens for contributions.  With the prevalence of tablets and mobile devices, people … Continue reading

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