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Esri Maps for Office 2.1.3 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for Office 2.1.3.

Our Portal users will be happy to hear that we’ve added support for LDAP authentication. We also vastly improved our implementation of PKI authentication.

Another new feature is support for ArcGIS custom roles. With custom roles, you can better manage the privileges of people in your organization. To find out more about custom role support in Maps for Office, see our configuration help page.

Also, we tracked down the issue that caused Maps for Office to crash when disconnected from the internet. It’s fixed!

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Exciting Changes are Coming to Data & Maps


Based on user feedback, exciting new changes to Data & Maps will include: Ready-to-use layers  that you can easily use in ArcGIS Online and in your applications, Current, maintained layers, Layers of geographic interest to international organizations; United States boundaries … Continue reading

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The NSF EarthCube Initiative and Esri’s Role


This post also appears in Esri Insider. Last update: April 1, 2014. With all the recent excitement and good hopes over the White House Climate Data Initiative, and the ongoing progress of the Group on Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), … Continue reading

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Guided Tours and coach marks are coming to ArcGIS Online!

An example of a coachmark displayed during a Guided Tour

The work that you do every day is important and we are looking for ways to help you be more productive and efficient (because we know your time is valuable). During your journey of using ArcGIS Online, we decided to … Continue reading

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New DigitalGlobe content released in World Imagery basemap


The ArcGIS Online World Imagery basemap was updated this week with nearly 2TB of high-resolution imagery. This is the first of two updates of DigitalGlobe imagery planned for this year. This new content fills in areas previously not covered or … Continue reading

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Explorer for ArcGIS is coming!

Explorer for ArcGIS is coming and it is bringing exciting, new capabilities across the smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms. Explorer joins our family of apps that include Collector and Dashboard.

We have grand ambitions for Explorer and we chose this name for a reason! Yes we may have used it for product naming in the past but we are using it again because it best describes our vision. Collector and Operations Dashboard target the field data collection and operation management needs within your organization – Explorer targets the knowledge workers and decision makers that need to explore data in a geographic context and use maps to help them make better decisions and inform others. Continue reading

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Living Atlas updates include new Community Map layers in the World Topographic Map

Hermosa Beach, CA

Thanks to user contributions, the World Topographic Map was refreshed with new and updated content for the country of Japan, cities and counties across the United States, and a college campus.

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ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS for Developers Subscriptions

Recently we launched a major update of the ArcGIS for Developers site and announced the ability to log in with your ArcGIS Online account to manage services, create applications and access developer tools. This has caused some confusion for users who have tried to login with Public accounts.

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Needles in a haystack – finding a plane in the Indian Ocean

plane spotted in near infrared

In the weeks following the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 there has been a huge international effort to locate the plane. People keep talking about finding a needle in a haystack; somehow I think the needle is easier to … Continue reading

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The 2014 Community Maps Tour Dates Being Scheduled!

Community Maps Tour 2014

The Community Maps Team is taking a road trip across America. The 2014 Community Maps Tour is being scheduled. Members of our team will be making several stops this year to a town near you. We will be conducting Technical … Continue reading

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