Esri Production Mapping originated from large projects that Esri undertook in the 90’s involving standardization of data and cartographic production. These tools were then commercialized for any organization producing data/maps to use in order to streamline bottlenecks and automate production procedures. The Production Mapping team is responsible for designing and developing this solution based on user requirements gathered from mapping organizations all over the world. Because the solution is generic and can be configured for any industry, we hope to provide use cases and examples of how you can use it in your own production environment. Please feel free to provide comments - we'd love to hear feedback on how to make this product better.

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Civilian Topographic Map Released

The Civilian Topographic Map (CTM) is designed to allow you to easily create civilian style 25K topographic data and maps using Esri Production Mapping.  The first release of CTM includes a geodatabase data model as well as sample configurations for editing, quality assurance, and cartography for creating 1:25000 scale civilian style topographic maps. Continue reading

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Esri Production Mapping for Server: Product on Demand (POD) Sample JavaScript Application Released


The Product on Demand (POD) sample JavaScript application is now released on Github. You can find it at: This application requires the new 10.3 ArcGIS for Server extension – Esri Production Mapping for Server.

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Make Topographic Grid and Update Map Template Released!


Have you ever wanted to extend your map automation scripts to include layer masking and clipping without having to open the map document?  With the recent release of Esri Production Mapping 10.2 you can do just that and much more! … Continue reading

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Create Declination Diagram (North Arrow) with Python


A declination diagram shows the angular relationship between grid, magnetic, and true north using a series of graphic arrows. A previous blog article on declination diagrams with ArcMap discussed what declination diagrams/north arrows are, and the different options for adding … Continue reading

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What are Visual Specifications?


Visual specifications – what are they and where would I use them, you may ask?  Many of you might have symbology and labeling standards for maintaining consistency in your map products. Visual specifications is a tool available in Esri Production … Continue reading

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Feature-level Metadata

Fig 1

Esri Production Mapping’s Feature-level Metadata allows for quick population of fields across feature classes that share common attribution such as source, date last modified and by whom, horizontal/vertical accuracy of the feature and so forth.  Auto populating these fields not … Continue reading

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Centralizing Page Layout and Element Management

Layout Window

Do you have a lot of map elements on your page layout? Are your page layouts large, making it difficult to visually locate and update map elements? If you answered yes to one or both questions, Esri Production Mapping’s Layout … Continue reading

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Efficient Editing with Feature Manager

Production Mapping's Update Attributes vs. Desktop's Attributes

Esri Production Mapping’s Feature Manager shares similar characteristics with the ArcGIS for Desktop Create Features and Attributes windows. However, there is additional functionality that Feature Manager brings to the table that helps you implement more efficient editing workflows. Below, I’ll … Continue reading

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Batch export your product library maps to Production PDF

GP tool

The Export Product Library Maps to Production PDF Python script uses Esri Production Mapping’s new Python site package, ArcPyProduction, to combine the capabilities of ArcPy and the geoprocessing functionality of product library. The primary function of this script is to … Continue reading

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How do you maintain and review your representation rules?


Mapping organizations often create highly detailed maps with many complex symbols. This gives rise to the need to create and maintain symbol specifications. ArcGIS for Desktop provides feature class representations to customize the appearance of features by storing symbol information with … Continue reading

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