The Data Reviewer team is responsible for gathering user requirements, designing, developing, and releasing Esri’s data quality management extension - ArcGIS Data Reviewer for Desktop and Server. Our team includes industry subject matter experts, product specialists, developers and testers with a combined experience of over 100 years in GIS. We hope to help you understand the importance of data quality and how Data Reviewer automates and simplifies the quality control process. Please feel free to provide comments - we would love to hear feedback on how to make this product better.

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Ready to get your data check-up at Esri UC 2014?

The data health checks are returning to this year’s User Conference. Bring a sample of your data in a file or personal geodatabase and an Esri industry expert will review the overall quality of your data. The health check is a quick and easy way to get an insight into whether or not your data meets your business rules. This year Esri is offering the health checks to users in the following industries: water/wastewater/stormwater, electric & gas, roads & highways, land records and addressing, and 3D. You can sign up for this 45-min review of your data by sending an email to  Please include your name, organization, phone, email, dataset you’re bringing and preferred date/time for the appointment.

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Looking for Duplicate Features in your GIS


Duplicate features in your GIS can cause problems during analysis. A typical scenario is when only one of the duplicate features is updated but the analysis runs on the other not-updated feature. This will result in incorrect analysis. Another scenario … Continue reading

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Finding Disconnected Features in your Geometric Network


ArcGIS 10.2.1 introduced a new geoprocessing tool, Find Disconnected Features in Geometric Network (Data Management Tools toolbox –> Geometric Network toolset), that you can use in conjunction with Data Reviewer’s Write to Reviewer Table geoprocessing tool to capture disconnected geometric … Continue reading

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To Split Or Not To Split…The Line?


A common validation rule is to check if a point feature splits the line it is connected to. This is essential for proper network analysis. For example, Electric utility – switch must split primary conductor Water utility – valve must … Continue reading

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Validating Electric Distribution Conductor Info Relationships

Fig 2

Sometimes validating a business rule might require more than one check to be configured.  One such example that I would like to highlight today is from the electric utility realm: validating primary and secondary lines relationships to the conductor info … Continue reading

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Finding Invalid Values Based on a Lookup Table

RoadCenterline - Invalid FULLNAME check_Both

Just recently, I was asked why a check does not return the proper results.  This is a question I get from time to time and thought it would be a good idea to share in a blog.  Let’s take the … Continue reading

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Free Data Health Checks at Esri Pacific User Group Meeting


Esri is offering the free GIS data health checks at the upcoming Pacific User Group meeting in Redlands on November 21st. A GIS data health check is a 45-minute review and analysis of your data (features and attributes) by an … Continue reading

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EGUG 2013 – Free GIS Data Health Checks!


If you are an electric/gas user and missed signing up for a  GIS data health check at the UC 2013, you’ll be glad to hear that Esri is offering this at the Electric and Gas GIS Conference in San Antonio, … Continue reading

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Introducing the Data Reviewer Dashboard Widget for ArcGIS Viewer for Flex

Provide insight and raise awareness by reporting the scope and severity of errors in your data

Maintaining data to meet standards of quality is a challenging investment of both time and resources. This is especially true for those organizations with evolving business requirements because the definition of what constitutes “good quality” data keeps changing. As these … Continue reading

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New ArcGIS Data Reviewer Web Course Available!


We are excited to announce the availability of our first ArcGIS Data Reviewer web course on Esri’s Training site. The Data QC with ArcGIS: Automating Validation course teaches automated workflows to ensure data adheres to your organization’s quality standards. You will learn … Continue reading

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