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  1. countygis says:

    Haven’t been able to install FMV toolbox as indicated in documentation. Ran .exe but no toolbox is visible to ArcCatalog. Setting the path during the .exe does create a bin folder with dll files.

    • bbooth says:

      After you run the .exe installer for the geoprocessing tools, the toolbox is added to the system tools list and you can get them from the Add Tool dialog box. To add them to your own toolbox:
      1. In the ArcCatalog window, navigate to the Toolboxes folder. [or wherever you want the toolbox]
      2. Right-click My Toolboxes, point to New, and click Toolbox.
      3. Type a name for the new toolbox, such as “Full Motion Video” and press Enter.
      4. Right-click the new toolbox and point to Add and click Tool.
      5. In the Add Tool dialog box, check the Full Motion Video Tools toolbox, and click OK.

      Please give this a try and let me know if it doesn’t work for you.