Now Available: Explorer for ArcGIS on iPad and iPhone

The wait is over! Esri’s newest app for iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) is now available in the Apple App Store. Explorer for ArcGIS gives you a first class experience for accessing your geospatial data on a mobile device. We think you will fall in love with the design, ease of use, performance, and stability of Explorer. Explorer for ArcGIS will be the go to app for professionals who want mobile access to maps and data on the ArcGIS platform.

Design and Ease of Use – A great deal of work has gone into how a user of Explorer for ArcGIS interacts with the App. With a simple tap the slide-out menu reveals a variety of ways to access maps from your organization, such as favorite maps, maps authored by the user, maps shared with a group, or maps featured by your organization. The tools for interacting with the map are simple and contextual, tools that make sense for a given activity are easily accessible. An example of this is the inclusion of the drawing tool when in presentation mode. The icons and styling of the app were inspired by iOS 7 with a clean and refined elegance that is not common to most GIS apps.

Performance and Stability – We conducted some holistic testing of Explorer for ArcGIS and there was overwhelming consensus that this app is fast. We think our users will love the responsive UI, menus open quickly and transitions between map cards and the map view is buttery smooth. When viewing a map the data quickly appears with every load, pan and zoom. When typing an address in the find dialog the user gets autocomplete suggestions in real time from the platform minimizing mistakes.

Show Off Your Maps – After starting the app you can tap “Try Explorer” and use a set of Esri-curated maps or sign in and access your own maps and data. Build a web map in
ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, login to Explore with your ArcGIS Organization credentials, and show off your good work. Maybe show a colleague how smooth your maps look on an iPad and how easy it is to switch to a new beautiful basemap. Show a public works manager how they can view all their water infrastructure on an iPhone and with a simple click see the attribute data. Or show the executive who always carries an iPad that now they can access a map of store locations with associated charts of sales numbers. Whatever kind of maps you create we believe Explorer for ArcGIS will help you showcase those maps and provide an intuitive, informative, and enjoyable way for others experience your good work.

For information about the features in Explorer for ArcGIS visit
And please email us at with your thoughts, ideas and comments.

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  1. esri4591 says:

    Could I ask about the next release plan that Explorer for ArcGIS will support on Android Device, Mac OS X, Windows and Offline Capability?


    • Chris LeSueur says:

      Yes! We are currently in development of an Android and Mac OS X version of Explorer for ArcGIS. And we have plans to bring Explorer for ArcGIS to windows as well. We know lots of people would like the ability to go offline with their maps…you will be glad to know that is on our future feature list.

      In the documentation for Explorer we have included a “Sneak Peak” table to help our users understand what we are building and what to expect in the future.

      • esri4591 says:

        Chris, Thank you very for your information. Could I ask how different with this app (Explorer for ArcGIS) and Collector for ArcGIS?. Do you have any comparison chart.


        • Chris LeSueur says:

          Collector for ArcGIS is focused on data collection while in the field. Collector has more data collection capabilities that are tailored to the field (e.g Continuous collect, data streaming and offline data collection).
          Explorer for ArcGIS is Esri’s premier app for data discovery, exploration and map use.

          I do not have a comparison table between the products, but if you look at what is coming for each (Sneak Peek) you will see that in the future Explorer will gain functionality like map authoring and 3D, while Collector’s future is focused on field work like offsets and customizable forms.

      • larselmkaer says:

        Hi Chris,
        Do you have any idea of when this app will be available for Windows? And Offline editing is not planned for this app right?
        Thanks :-)

        • Chris LeSueur says:

          The Windows version of Explorer for ArcGIS should be released in the first half of 2015. In the future we will include offline map usage and simple editing. As far as offline editing…that is not currently on a roadmap. Collector for ArcGIS is a field editing/collection focused app and it supports offline editing right now.

    • brentpierce says:

      esri4591, These are all great suggestions, thaks for the comment. Perhaps you could add these as “ideas” on our ideas site at . In this capacity the community can vote for the enhancements they want.

      • esri4591 says:

        Thank you for your info. Could I ask how different with this app (Explorer for ArcGIS) and Collector for ArcGIS?. Do you have any comparison chart.

  2. rwmajor says:

    Is there the feeling that this app will replace the current “green” ArcGIS Online app?

  3. LoveTheWoods says:

    When can we expect the android release-during the conference?

  4. LoveTheWoods says:

    Does this app work while ‘disconnected’ in the field?