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In a previous post we introduced several ways that you can use groups to provide access to your maps and apps, including embedding groups and making group gallery applications. But what happens if you have many items, or just want another level of organization for your shared content?

One solution is to add group gallery applications to a group, then use the group to make a gallery. If this sounds confusing, it’s somewhat like putting folders inside of folders, but in this case it’s putting galleries inside of galleries. You can use this technique to make gallery applications that contain other galleries, embed a gallery of galleries in your web page or blog, or display galleries in your organization’s featured content.

Step 1 – Make a gallery application

First, add items to a group and make a group gallery application. Follow the steps detailed in the Make a Group Gallery app section in our previous post.

Step 2 – Create another group

Create a new group that will contain your group galleries.

Step 3 – Add your galleries to the new group

Share your group galleries into the new group. Note that if you’ve chosen to download and host the group gallery app from your own servers, you will need to add those gallery apps as items, then share them to your group.

Step 4 – Make a gallery of galleries

Finally, make a gallery from the the group containing other galleries. You can make a new gallery application using the group, embed the group in a web page or blog, or use the group as your organization’s featured content or gallery content.


An example can be found at the Esri Resilient Communities home. The organization’s featured content group contains group galleries.

The group is used to populate the featured content ribbon:

The group is also used to populate the organization gallery:

The same group can be used to create a gallery application:

And finally, the group can be embedded in a website or blog:

For more information:

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