Esri Maps for Office 2.1.3 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Esri Maps for Office 2.1.3.

Our Portal users will be happy to hear that we’ve added support for LDAP authentication. We also vastly improved our implementation of PKI authentication.

Another new feature is support for ArcGIS custom roles. With custom roles, you can better manage the privileges of people in your organization. To find out more about custom role support in Maps for Office, see our configuration help page.

Also, we tracked down the issue that caused Maps for Office to crash when disconnected from the internet. It’s fixed!

Here is the full list of improvements in this release:

  • Support for custom roles.
  • New silent install parameters allow for better control over large scale deployments.
  • Maps for Office now checks for connectivity to ArcGIS and notifies you when necessary services are unavailable.
  • Bug fixes and usability improvements, including:
    • Ability to use hosted map services as custom location types.
    • Commas as decimal separators are now handled properly.
    • Layer visibility issues in localized versions have been corrected.
    • Random crashing issues caused by older versions of Visual Studio Tools for Office have been fixed.
    • Custom locators are now shown using their name instead of ‘Address’ in the add data workflow.
    • Better registry management on uninstall.
    • When connected to a Portal, requests to ArcGIS Online are no longer made.
    • Enriched layers can now be styled and grouped by the newly added columns.
    • Popups for enriched layers now display correct column headings.
    • When disconnected from the internet, crashing no longer occurs.
    • Esri Maps for Office in PowerPoint now honors the default basemap in your organization.

To download the app, watch how-to videos, or get help for Esri Maps for Office, see the app page at

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  1. geomoney3 says:

    When can we expect Esri Maps for Office to work with basemaps that are not using Web Mercator?