What’s coming in ArcGIS Online March 2014

The next ArcGIS Online update is targeted for early March, 2014. New features in this update will include the following:

Custom Roles
The existing organizational roles of Administrator, Publisher, and User are being complemented by the addition of custom roles. Custom roles provide a more granular way to control member privileges, enabling you to tailor unique roles to suit your needs.

Map Viewer
The ArcGIS Online map viewer is being enhanced with the following:

  • United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian affairs (OCHA) symbols.
  • Easier addition of multiple stops to routes.
  • Interactive processing of geocodes, including locating unmatched records and adjusting matched records.

KML will now be supported as an input data type for existing tools, and four new analysis tools will be added:

  • Derive New Locations
  • Find Similar
  • Plan Routes
  • Connect Origins to Destinations

Ready-to-use Apps

Collector for ArcGIS will support offline editing. Map content can be managed on your device, and changes can be synchronized when connected.

Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS will support use via browsers, enabling its use on tablet devices. Layers from dynamic map services will now be a supported data type. Search is extended to include search by coordinates as well as places. New capabilities for creating and managing selections and adjusting matched records will also be introduced.

Web App Templates
The application template gallery will include several new configurable templates, as well as enhancements and improvements to story map templates.

ArcGIS Online content is being enhanced and extended with the following:

  • The World Imagery basemap will be updated with DigitalGlobe imagery for selected areas.
  • Demographic and Lifestyle maps will include new data for Germany, France, India, Japan, and Korea.
  • New Moderate-Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) image services (250-meter satellite data that is updated daily) referencing National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)-hosted web services.
  • Landscape analysis layers will include 16 new global layers.
  • A new basemap, Dark Gray Canvas, will be introduced (beta).

ArcGIS Online Help will be redesigned to improve the usability and presentation of information. Guided tours covering several key workflows will be added, making it easier to learn about features and capabilities.

For More Details
More details will be available in the What’s New help topic and blog post following the release.

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  1. winemapper says:

    Hi Bern, will Field Calculator be functional with the AGOL update in March?


    • Bern Szukalski says:

      Alan – thanks for your interest in this capability. For this upcoming release (March 2014) the capability will be available via the API only, but will be enabled in the UX of the map viewer in the next release. Many new capabilities appear in the API first, then next in the UX as the newly available capabilities get sewn into the end user experience.

  2. dmallett says:

    Is labeling going to be included in this release? I know it’s in the API now but will it be available in the web map?