Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2 Update 1 released

This morning we released a minor update to the Operations Dashboard to address an issue connecting to services through a proxy (NIM097295). If you are using ArcGIS Online then you can  either wait for the Operations Dashboard to notify you of an update or you can uninstall and download the update from ArcGIS Online now. If you are using Portal for ArcGIS, we are uploading utility and it will be available inside of the Customer Care portal Monday January 27th. Look for a download  titled “Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS 10.2 Update 1 Deployment Utility”.

Dashboard team

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  1. mfletcher18 says:

    The “ArcGIS Online now” link doesn’t work. I’m trying to install using it and continually get a message saying “Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor.”

  2. yewtaah says:

    Are there any known incompatibilities with Operations Views created in an earlier version of Ops Dashboard like or earlier? We have recently used the utility to upgrade Ops Dashboard on the Portal to use this latest version that includes the NIM097295 proxy fix ( The app works for new Operations Views and some older ones, but certain older Operations Views that worked fine in now crash 411.

    The problem signature references ESRI.ArcGIS.Client as well as and – I can provide additional details if needed.