ArcGIS for Local Government Holiday Releases (2013 Wrap Up)

As 2014 kicks in to high gear, we wanted to take a minute to thank everyone for their participation and feedback in 2013.  It’s been really exciting to see the community embrace the ArcGIS for Local Government solution and provide feedback that will ultimately make geographic information more valuable in local government. We really appreciate the ongoing dialog with our local government users and look forward to working with each and every one of you in the near future.

As 2013 came to a close, we crossed the 170,000 download mark and more than 125 maps and apps are now being downloaded every day.  We have some really strong user communities that have emerged around the water utilities, land records, and public safety maps and apps. These communities provide a tremendous amount of feedback and really help us evolve the content in the solution.

Before year end, we shipped a series of updates to the solution (version offering and wanted to take a few minutes to summarize these enhancements.  We did not release a complete update to the solution, instead we only updated the maps and apps that were affected in the update.  In addition, each of these updates work with the maps and geodatabase (Local Government Information Model) included in the 10.2 release so you can leverage these updates in your current implementation.

Below is a summary of the release.  Detailed release notes can be found in the ArcGIS for Local Government help system.

Web Application Updates

The web application were updated in this release to:

  • Add support for Android tablet browsers.
  • Add support for the new ArcGIS Online Routing Service and enhancements to the proxy files to support this new secure service.  More information on these enhancements can be found here.
  • Address miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements that were reported by users or affect the use of the local government applications on mobile devices.

The following web applications were updated:

  • Citizen Service Request
  • Election Polling Place
  • Election Results
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Land Use Public Notification
  • Land Use Public Comment
  • My Hazard Information
  • My Government Services
  • Park and Recreation Finder

Desktop Map Updates

The desktop maps were updated in this release to:

  • Add support for ArcGIS 10.2.1.
  • Address miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements in the Attribute Assistant that were reported by users.
  • Address miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements in the Local Government toolbox.

The following desktop maps were updated:

  • Address Data Management
  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Cell Phone Analysis
  • Emergency Management Maps
  • Fire Run Book
  • Fire Station Wall Map
  • Flood Planning
  • Pre-Incident Planning
  • Special Event Planning
  • Target Hazard Analysis
  • Tax Map Book
  • Water Utility Network Editing

Note: The latest Add-ins and Local Government toolbox have been included in each of these desktop editing maps.

In the next few weeks, we’ll provide an overview of our plans for the ArcGIS for Local Government Solution in 2014.  This overview will include upcoming improvements to solution site; a new set of ArcGIS Online apps that will be released; and finally when these enhancements will be released.

Finally, please join the ArcGIS for Local Government Meetup and continue to use the Forums to contact us for help, provide feedback, and share your experiences with others.   Your contribution will ultimately make the solution more valuable for every local government user.

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  1. sarathrani says:

    I work at GIS Solutions (Pvt) Ltd Sri Lanka who are the sole distributors of Esri products. I shall be thankful if I could have some demostration slides on Local Government & some demo to encourage the local government institutions in Sri Lanka to use Esri software