Final Reminder: Bing Maps Use in ArcGIS Has Changed

This is a last reminder that complimentary use of Microsoft’s Bing Maps with ArcGIS will end on December 31, 2013.

To continue using Bing Maps with ArcGIS after December 31, you will need to obtain your own Bing Maps key directly from Microsoft and then input the key into your ArcGIS products. We recommend that you start the process of obtaining a Bing Maps key right away to avoid any disruption.

Once you obtain a key from Microsoft, you will be able to use Bing Maps in your web and mobile applications as well as ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS APIs and SDKs, and ArcGIS Online.

Get more details about using Bing Maps with ArcGIS.

Try the ArcGIS Online World Imagery Map. It’s a Great Alternative!
The complimentary World Imagery Map is updated frequently and provides 1-meter scale or better satellite imagery for many parts of the world. It includes recent and detailed aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe at 30 cm for the continental United States down to 1:1,000 scale; 60 cm imagery for large parts of Western Europe down to 1:2,000 scale; and 1 m imagery for other areas in the world.

Try Other Free ArcGIS Online Basemaps
In addition to the World Imagery Map, ArcGIS Online gives you access to a number of different basemaps that you can use in your projects. The World Street MapWorld Topographic MapLight Gray Canvas Map, and National Geographic World Map provide a range of cartographic options to meet your needs.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Esri office.

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  1. jgustine says:

    We’ve purchased a bing token and have easily applied it to our desktop and web apps. However, I would like to continue to use it in our ArcGIS for iOS apps (COTS). We use AGO to create json and upload it to our server in the MobileWeb Directory. Can you point me to documentation on how to apply tokens to these apps?

    “baseMap”: {
    “baseMapLayers”: [{
    "id": "BingMapsHybrid",
    "opacity": 1,
    "visibility": true,
    "type": "BingMapsHybrid"
    “title”: “Bing Maps Hybrid”


    • Jeff Shaner says:


      Leveraging a Bing Maps key with COTS apps is a setting within your ArcGIS Organization and not a property of a web map itself. The MobileWeb directory will only manage a collection of web maps and does not include properties of an ArcGIS Organization. So moving forward you will need to use either an ArcGIS Online subscription or an on-premises Portal for ArcGIS to leverage your Bing map key. Please let me know if you have any questions about this and/or the future of the MobileWeb directory.