About the Modify Map button

A new feature of the latest ArcGIS Online update (December 2013) is that a simplified map viewer opens if the user has not logged in to their account. Capabilities such as Save, Add, Get Directions, Manage Bookmarks, and some layer options are not available in simplified mode, making it easier to use for casual, anonymous viewers of your maps.

Below is a comparison of what you see in normal (top) and simplified mode (bottom):

Click to view larger image

Note the appearance of Modify Map above search and adjacent to sign in. Click to return the map viewer to normal mode.

Signing in to your account is required to save the map if you’ve made changes. The Modify Map button does not appear if the map author has disabled saving a copy of the map. For more information see Save maps.

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  1. lynmalone says:

    I logged in to the T3G org account and created a new map. I was able to successfully add layers from ArcGS Online after clicking Modify Map. However, when I tried to save the new map, there was no reaction from the Save or Save as items. I also could not go to My Content from the map – the dropdown menu under Home showed the option to go there, but it did not work.

  2. brackeh says:

    When I view a publicly available map from my organization and I am not logged in, I do not see the Modify Map button. Here’s an example:

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      The reason is you are accessing the map anonymously using the organization URL to the map, instead of using the share link. The share link uses the generic URL for the publicly shared map. For your map that would be:

      The Modify Map button will not appear when using your organization-based URL because if if user clicked save, and attempted to sign in, they would be signing in to your organization where, of course, they would not have an account. So that is why the Modify Map button does not appear when the public map is accessed via the organization URL.

      The Modify Map button will appear when using the generic, arcgis.com-based URL shown above. At the moment there seems to be an issue with one of the map layers (I get an error), and regardless of the method of sharing I am unable to open the map correctly.

  3. glavenu says:

    It seems that this new “Modify Map” button is not translated in the localized versions of ArcGIS Online.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      The Modify Map button was added based on user feedback just after the initial release. There was no time to localize the text, however it will be localized at our next opportunity.