Displaying multiple photos at a single location in a Map Tour

Map Tour is a popular story map that enables you to display photos along with their locations in an interactive map. Good examples of map tours include San Diego Transportation Innovations, Palm Springs Map Tour, and Treasures of Redlands.

Currently map tours display a single photo or image at each map location. But if you need or want to display multiple photos at a location here are a few options that you can consider.

Add coincident photo locations

While not the ideal solution, in a pinch multiple photos can be displayed at the same location using coincident points. Just use the same coordinates in your spreadsheet, or stack multiple points using the interactive Map Tour Builder, and add different photos for the same location.

Create photo composites

Another technique is to create a photo composite by combining multiple photos in one image. Some examples of map tours that use this technique include Utility Box Art, Tank Series – Atlantic and Cape May County Rehabilitation and Painting, and Timisoara: a walk through history.

Add links to websites and apps

A third alternative is to add a link to the photo description that opens an application or website (e.g., a Flickr photo set) to display additional photos and images for the same location. Adding links to map tour descriptions was detailed in an earlier blog post.

Below is a sample description that includes a link that opens a Flickr photo set.

The Esri UC is the world’s only event that covers the entire spectrum of the geospatial industry. <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/esri/sets/72157631787323356/” target=”_blank”>See more</a>

You can also view the sample application that uses this technique.

For more information see:

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  1. cradlecoast says:

    You can use the free photo editor software Photoscape which has different photo page layout templates to arrange photos quickly and easily. It also allows you to set the page size to meet the desired photo requirements of the Map tour.