Esri S-57 Viewer Now Supports ArcGIS for Desktop 10.2!

The Esri S-57 viewer is now available for all ArcGIS 10.2 users!  The S-57 viewer is a free Esri add-on for the ArcGIS for Desktop product.  S-57 IHO Transfer Standard for Digital Hydrographic Data is the encoding standard that is primarily used for electronic navigational charts (ENCs), as well as inland ENC (IENC) and additional military layers (AML). The Esri S-57 viewer allows users to visualize S-57 data according to S-52 standards for nautical chart content and display attributes.

In particular, the Esri-57 viewer allows you to:

- Visualize S-57 data using the S-52 standards

- Investigate and analyze your S-57 data with ArcGIS for Desktop commands

- Overlay your S-57 on other supported ArcGIS formats

- Apply S-52 properties, like Color Scheme or Safety Contour Depth, to your S-57 data

To download or learn more, please visit the Esri S-57 Viewer page!


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  1. michaelgayheart says:

    FYI…The hyperlink to the S-57 Viewer contains an extra period on the end which causes a 404 error. Removing the period brings you to the right link.

  2. ssbn619 says:


  3. Caitlyn Raines says:

    The link to the S-57 viewer page is fixed. Thank you!

  4. niedie says:

    Hi, How to render NIS GDB by S52Viewer like the older version ? I need the “Apply S52 Symbology” tool.

  5. klausbv says:

    Will the S-57 Viewer support language settings outside the US/CAN/UK, sometime soon?
    Using komma as decimal seperator, the light-angles come out wrong.
    Martime/Coastal authorities in Europe would like a fix.