ArcGIS Online Learning & Help Resources

There are plenty of resources to help you understand and be successful with ArcGIS Online, including free web courses and training seminars, technical workshops, tutorial videos, and more. Here’s the latest compilation of links to a selection of these resources that will help you get started and on your way.

The Big Picture
Esri’s ArcGIS Online product site provides a great top-down introduction to the features and capabilities of the ArcGIS mapping platform for your organization. The site covers features, maps, apps, tools, and more.

The features website is also a good place to go, and includes an overview video to put things into context.

ArcGIS Online Help
A great place to start, with just about everything you need to know. Here’s a few help topics we like for starters.

ArcGIS Online Forum
Ask questions, and get answers from Esri staff and your peers. The Forum includes lots of great archived information.

ArcGIS Online Blog
You’re reading it now, check out other ArcGIS Online related posts.

Free Online Training
Esri offers a variety of training options via the web, including these great courses you can take for free. Find more training opportunities at the Training website.

Free Recorded Live Training Seminars
They were live, but you can relive them. An hour’s worth of expert advice and guidance = priceless (and in fact there is no price). Stay tuned for upcoming seminars.

Education Community Resources
The Esri Education Community website offers lots of great resources, not just for educators but for anyone wanting to learn more. Here’s a selection of short videos featured by the Education Community.

Recorded Technical Workshops from the 2013 Esri User Conference.
Didn’t get to go? You can still experience these ArcGIS Online workshops. Went to the conference, but can’t remember what you learned? View these and refresh those memories.

You’ll find more by searching the Esri video library and recent conferences.

Thanks to Jeff Baranyi, Public Safety Technical Manager, for helping compile these resources.

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