Demo Applications: ArcGIS Server for Administrators sessions at the 2013 User Conference

During the ArcGIS Server for Administrators technical workshops at the 2013 Esri International User Conference, two demo applications were presented; Popular Extents and Services Dashboard:

Popular Extents

This application plots extents requested from a map service as graphics in a JavaScript application.  By extracting log records from the ArcGIS Server Administrator API in this manner, you can make more informed decisions about which areas of your maps are most widely used.

Screen shot of the Popular Extents application

Services Dashboard

This application displays statistics usage for a service, such as the number of service instances in use, average response time, and the total number of errors, warnings, and successes that are logged.  The Services Dashboard can be used to more closely monitor the current state of your service and help you make more informed decisions about its use.

Screen shot of the Services Dashboard application

As promised, you can now download these apps at the link below.  The zip archive contains a read me file that explains how to get the apps up and running on your web server.

You can view a recording of the ArcGIS Server for Administrators technical workshop and obtain a copy of the PowerPoint slides at the following links:

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  1. m.frehner says:

    popularextents.html worked with my ArcGIS Server 10.2 after changing the filter to:

    “filter”: “{‘services’:['SampleWorldCities.MapServer']}”

  2. jiri.vomocil says:

    And another detail: generated token in JSON shape (line 92)
    must be written (line 92) as
    “token”: “{‘token’:EvI4YqEfyp7V…bla…bla…K-P4ymyw0E5U2G96f-’,'expires’:’13…bla…bla…525712′}” // ADD AN…etc.

  3. westonsf says:

    Thanks for posting this.

    I’ve downloaded the code, redeveloped it and have it available here if anyone is interested:

    I’ll be adding new feature to this in the near future.