Access 2013 Data (And International Data) Now With Business Analyst 10.2

The 2013 Demographic Data is now available! This data can now be consumed in a variety of applications, such as Business Analyst Online and Business Analyst Desktop or Esri Maps for Office, etc.

Currently, Business Analyst Desktop 10.2 (available via download in the Customer Care Portal) uses 2012 data. So accessing the 2013 data through the Business Analyst online features is advantageous, as you don’t have to wait for it to ship on a USB drive.

In Business Analyst 10.2 we’ve enabled online access through ArcGIS Online. Simply sign in with your ArcGIS Online account, or in ArcGIS: File > Sign In…

And then to enable the online data just check on “Shown Online Data” in the Business Analyst Preferences and set the online hierarchy to USA2013…

Then any feature with online access will give you the option to bypass local data and hit the latest servers…

Which as you can see below contains the freshly released 2013 data!

Now taking this a step further, at 10.2 we’ve added the ability to use ArcGIS Online Data Collections both in the US and GLOBALLY. This is a good thing for US-based companies doing analysis outside North America. In the example below I can set my default online country to Global (meaning a subset of demographic variables will be available across all listed countries) or to individual countries (which provides a larger list of attributes for say, Italy or France). There will be about 124 countries with Esri Demographic Data by November!!!

Now let’s say I geocoded a point in Europe (accessing worldwide geocoding is also part of your AGOL Organizational Account) and then created this 400 km ring for which I want to gather demographics…

I run through that same process shown above but for Global data and I’m returned statistics for several non-US countries. That’s pretty slick. Below is part of an attribute table showing population. The software is smart enough to breakout the individual populations for each country within the 400 km ring and only within the ring. AT = Austria, BE = Belgium, etc.

To recap – 2013 Data is now available via online data (available in a full local install sometime around the end of September).  And BA 10.2 allows you to login with your ArcGIS Online Account to access demographic data globally.


The Location Analytics Team

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  1. sleavitt says:

    Is the international data available using the BAO API or AGO API? And which functions are available via the APIs for Drivetime, demographic mapping and reporting for the global countries?
    Thanks. Sherry

  2. usiel says:

    Should be noted that all pulling online data from BA10.2 via AGOL consumes credits as compared to the existing BAO API.

  3. kwatsonesri says:

    Hi Sherry – It won’t be the BAO API moving forward, it will be the GeoEnrichment API as part of AGOL. Business Analyst in particular will include Network Analyst’s Int’l routing service in the November release as well as online Reports. Plus, any feature that uses demographic calculations – such as Threshold Areas, Hot Spots, Market Penetration, Benchmark Report, Find Similar, Dynamic Ring Analysis, etc.). More online functionality inlcluding Color-Coded Maps with dynamic feature services is planned for the March 2014 release. At least at the moment!

  4. cirquedusoleil says:

    Is there anything at Zip code / metropolitan level ?