Crafting custom attribute displays in pop-ups

An important part of authoring good web maps is configuring pop-ups for layers. Pop-ups can be edited by accessing the Pop-up Properties. You can open the pop-up properties by clicking a layer, and choosing Configure Pop-up as shown below:

There are several options to choose from when configuring the pop-up display, including choosing from and modifying a list of field attributes, choosing contents from a single field for display, and removing the attribute display altogether.

A very flexible choice that permits the combination of free text, field contents, and links is a custom attribute display. You’ll find it among the pop-up contents display options. Choose A custom attribute display:

Then click Configure:

Working with Custom Attribute Display

In Custom Attribute Display you can enter a combination of free text and fields chosen from the drop down list.

For example, below we’ve added a combination of free text and fields in the pop-up configuration for a layer containing locations of high peaks in California. What appears within curly braces (brackets) are the field names, and when the pop-up is opened these will be replaced by the field attributes for the feature.

After you’ve configured the custom display, save your changes. Here’s how the above pop-up appears:

Other style options can be applied to field names as desired. Select the field name (including the curly braces) and apply the desired styling. Below we’ve changed the name of the peak to appear in red bold text:

Adding links from fields

You can also use fields as text links in custom attribute displays. Use the drop down to select the field containing the link and add it to your custom attribute display. In this case we’ve chosen a field containing a link to the credit information for the photo of each peak:

However when the pop-up is opened, we don’t quite get the desired result – we see the URL string displayed, but not as a link:

How do we create the link? Copy the field name, add the text for the link and select it, then click Create Link and paste the field name in the URL input shown below:

Here’s the pop-up after these changes. The text “Photo credits” is now a unique hyperlink, with the link going to the URL stored in {Photo_Credit} for each feature:

Enhancing your custom attribute display pop-ups

You can add other pop-up elements like images and charts to your custom attribute displays. We’ve completed our pop-up configuration by adding a link to a thumbnail photo of each peak, which when clicked opens a larger version of the same photo:

For more information

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  1. rdunfey says:

    Hi Bernie,

    As always, a great user conference! Any plans for pop ups to display Iframes? I think some work has been done with HTML5 to make them safer:

    Running ArcGIS for portal on an internal network, it would be great to be able to do this. Especially if I could take feature attributes of the feature associated with a popup, and pass them as URL parameters in the URL used for the iframe.

    All the best,


  2. randomblink says:

    I’m wanting the Locate widget to trigger a popup as if the user clicked the map at the location of the pop-up. Is there a simple way to do this?

    I have a ‘City Council’ layer and a ‘Locate’ widget. The goal is for the user to type in their address and quickly see what Council District they are in. (without opening FlexBuilder).

  3. alexroma says:

    I would like to add photos on on the pop-up from two different fields. If I do it the “normal” way juts by stacking the field names in the “Display Images” box I can accomplish it, but the resulting images get lined up in the horizontal way, so I have to click the right-arrow to move to the second image. I need to place both images simultaneously on the pop-up, so both can be seen together, one above another. Do you think it is possible? (see my post here.)

  4. seidensticker says:

    Is it possible to do mathematical operations on fields and have the popup display the results?

    For example in the custom attribute display have something like:
    Total Score is: ({SCORE_1} + {SCORE_2}).

    The popup would then display:
    Total Score is:35.

    • Bern Szukalski says:

      For custom pop-ups configurations mathematical operators are not supported. However, an alternative approach would be to open the table for that later, add a field, and use the field calculator to perform the math, then use the contents of that field in your pop-up.

  5. durshe says:

    Is it possible to format date in this custom attribute display for pop ups? For example; I have a date time field in my data (12/31/1950, 4:30 PM). I don’t want the time portion of the data to display; I only care about the date. What syntax should I use in order for my date to show up without the time within the custom pop up configuration. My field name is {INSTDATE} and I want to format it to shortDate. I’ve tried to format this several different ways but am not having much success.

    Eugene D.