MapKit 2 ArcGIS Project on GitHub

We are pleased to announce the MapKit 2 ArcGIS project is now on GitHub, enabling developers using the Apple iOS MapKit to migrate, without any code changes, to the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS.

What is MapKit 2 ArcGIS?

MapKit 2 ArcGIS is a project that migrates iOS applications using MapKit to the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS without any code changes. The steps to migrate any project are simple:

  1. Remove the MapKit.framework library.
  2. Add the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS framework to the project.
  3. Download the MapKit 2 ArcGIS project and add the folder to your project.
  4. Re-compile!

If you migrate to ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS, you can:

  • Use a map control to display different layers, including dynamic layers from or from your own on-premises ArcGIS portal
  • Search for features in a map using spatial or SQL criteria, execute sophisticated geoprocessing tasks, and display task results
  • Use geometric operations to compute spatial relationships between features
  • Use a powerful sketch layer to digitize points, lines, and polygons

Clone or download the GitHub repository today! We actively update the main branch and frequently review merge candidates, so we encourage you to submit pull requests to get your code included in the main branch. In the meanwhile, we’ll do our best to keep ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS in perfect sync with the Apple iOS platform and the Apple iOS MapKit.

Happy forking!

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