Collector for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard Updated!

The apps team have released significant updates to the Collector for ArcGIS and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS applications today.

Collector updates are available for download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play and the Operations Dashboard can be found inside of ArcGIS Online.

The most significant update with this release comes within the Collector. It’s much easier to open collector maps on your device. Opening the app you will be asked to Sign In to your organization. When signed in you can now search for and open maps that have been shared for your use

The team has done a lot of work to help you get started with Collector and Dashboard. Both have a Try It Live experience built into the apps and there are new Resource Center pages with tutorials and videos that will help you get started:

We hope you enjoy this update and look forward to hearing about your experiences with both the Operations Dashboard and Collector.

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  1. arepsher says:

    For the Dashboard – I understood that any updates to the application were to be applied automatically without download. Is this now not the case?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      Yes this is the case. The dashboard should update automatically the next time that you update it. For those that have not yet used the Operations Dashboard you can click the link to install.

  2. matt wilkie says:

    What is the equivalent program or app to ArcGIS Collector on Windows, or better yet, for any internet browser?

    • jshaner says:

      Currently the Collector app is not available on Windows 7/8 nor is it available within a browser. We are currently in development of a Windows Phone and Windows 8 (Windows Store) version. The closest apps to the Collector are either ArcPad or ArcGIS for Windows Mobile.

      • jwarzi says:

        Has the Collector App for Windows 8 been related yet on the MS Store?

        • David Blanchard says:

          The application is currently planned to be release in 2015, but this is not a firm date. During the last update I got earlier this month, they were still waiting for the updated Windows Runtime SDK (which is to be released this July) before moving ahead with this version of the app.

  3. ernestocd says:

    I am not excited at all with the new share options released for the AGOL Public accounts; they are very restricting :(
    Also, is the Collector for ArcGIS only for Organizational Accounts? I was able to see my maps from my Public account but now I am only able to see those groups belonging to an Organizational account. More power to the users!!

    • jshaner says:

      Our goal with both the Collector and the Operations Dashboard is to provide as much power to the users as we possibly can! You can share maps with your field workers that include the tools and services that are needed to accomplish their field workflows. Then when they sign in to the Collector, the app can use your login to auto-populate attributes of features that you collect and update. This provides a very focused application experience for the field worker. Your subscription to ArcGIS Online makes this all possible.

      • matt wilkie says:

        yes, but you’ve disallowed personal a.k.a. public accounts from joining an organizational group. This means we can’t engage private citizens in data collecting directly and will have to resort to workarounds (or just go somewhere else for this).

        You also didn’t address ernestocd’s complaint that Org users can’t see maps from outside the organization, this is a major and silly limit. I can see how for certain places and uses this would be desired, but it should be a preference.

        • Jeff Shaner says:

          Regarding your question about engaging private citizens:
          If this is your target audience you need to consider the ramifications of opening up your feature services for everyone to edit. Without wrapping custom logic to ensure editing behavior you will find that any private citizen can update/delete features that another private citizen creates. Also without an identity of any kind associated with the edit – what value does it really have to your organization? Again our positioning for the Collector is to enabled authenticated/trusted users within an organization to create and update data and crowd sourcing is not the target audience for this application.
          Regarding Ernestocd’s complaint:
          Again the target audience for the Collector are members of an organization that need to collect and update data in an authoritative way. If you do not own the map (ie it comes from another organization) that you do not have the authority to update it.

          • nwaccgis says:

            Mr. Shaner, you say that ” …without an identity of any kind associated with the edit – what value does it really have to your organization? Again our positioning for the Collector is to enabled authenticated/trusted users within an organization to create and update data and crowd sourcing is not the target audience for this application.”

            I am interested in using Collector or another option to allow students at our college to participate in the collection of data that is georeferenced without having to teach them anything about the process other than how to use your elegantly simple app. If they can log in to Google Maps and make their way to a restaurant in a state they are only visiting, then leave a review about their experience…it is my belief that they could similarly input data with Collector. But it would be of much more educational and scientific value than restaurant reviews. They would be entering data into surveys I would create in a foolproof way that would ideally not be permanently linked to an organizational account since they are only students working on a semester project.

            In the presentation given for the Collector app I saw the option to select an ability for users of the map to only edit or delete data created by them, which I believe would have solved the issue from your quoted statement. Did I misunderstand that power of that feature, because it seemed cut and dry the way it was described in the presentation? Is the way the users are identified restricted by the fact that they are also members of the organization and is there no other way to uniquely identify them? Most importantly, do you have a suggestion for another application that is capable of meeting our needs without resorting to a yearly subscription that costs WAY more than it would actually be used? Is there another pricing strategy other than charging $2500/year for the ability to use Collector? Perhaps charging a reasonable price per amount of data transferred through the app or the number of maps and changes made to them could be sold in bundles? Thanks for your time.

  4. kachunmic says:

    Knowing that this tool works with ArcGIS Online currently, and I would like to know if it can work with Portal for ArcGIS? As our clients insist on keeping the data locally, including the basemap layers, so if this tool is able to support Portal for ArcGIS, it will be a great feature to sell the clients to implement a system with Portal for ArcGIS.

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      This is a great question kachunmic. Collector and the Operations Dashboard have been developed with support of both ArcGIS Online Subscriptions and Portal for ArcGIS in mind. Our dev teams are certifying Portal for ArcGIS support now and it will be available with the 10.2 release.

  5. michellecahal says:

    Will there be an update that allows for a right-click on the graphs/charts to copy and paste into documents?

    • Jeff Shaner says:

      That is a great request Michelle. Thank you! I will add it to our product backlog. Related question – would you like to see the ability to create a report within the Operations Dashboard as well? If so can you please elaborate on what you would like to see in that report?

  6. yliaustin says:

    can Collector be used for iPad? I saw iPad listed in my google search results but not in any detailed description.


    • Jay Hagen says:

      Yes, Collector will work on an iPad. The link at the top of the page will take you to the Apple App Store where you can download for free.

      • nathanenge says:

        but its not an ipad app.

        • Jeff Shaner says:

          That is correct. It will appear as a 2x iPhone app.

          However in our next update (10.2) we will be submitting a universal app and fully support both the tablet and phone form factor. Please look for the update late this summer/early fall. It will also include line and polygon support as well as the ability to work offline.

  7. murkor says:

    We are facing an issue with Operation Dashboard if it’s installed in an organization using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, then you need to make sure adequate information is provided about the proxy server, while Operation Dashboard has not any interface to provide information to set up the proxy server, then Operations Dashboard is not able to consume the ArcGIS ONLINE’s services, and of course we haven’t a common operational picture. Is possible to know if the development team is considering to resolve this issue?

  8. carmagerberesri says:

    Hello, thanks for the update. I am trying to configure an operations dashboard view. One of my attribute fields is “Job Complete”. The field is numeric with coded values of 0 and 1 fore Yes and No. Because it’s not a range domain, i can’t use the data anywhere in the wigits.

    Is there some way I can show the count of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’?

  9. says:

    Hi Jeff
    Is there any way to get collector to read out coordinates in another coord system, such as a national grid, instead or as well as DD?
    It would also be good if when you touch the map and a coord is read out, it was copied into memory and could be pasted somewhere else.
    Best wishes