The ArcGIS Query Analysis Add-In is available for download

Investigate query results with the SPOT toolThe Query Analysis Add-In is available for download.  At 10.1, the Query Analysis Add-In expands support for rasters to include building complex queries over multiple single-band rasters.

The Query Analysis Add-In is designed to rapidly create a query that consists of input rasters and user defined constraints on their values. The Add-In consists of the Query Editor tool, and the Source Pixel Output Table (SPOT) tool which allows for further investigation and analysis of the query outputs.

The Query Editor lets you build simple queries, for example to find areas less than two hours walking distance from campsites, on a cost-distance raster.Two hour walking distance query

More complex queries combine multiple clauses with Boolean logic.  This query finds areas that are above 1500 meters with less than 10% slope, and that are within 500 meters of streams.You can build queries from multiple clauses

You can query continuous and categorical rasters.  This query finds locations below 1358 feet and less than 5% slope that are close to roads and forest edges, while excluding certain land cover types. It also uses grouping to hierarchically combine clauses.

You can build more complex queries

You can add weights to queries so the output isn’t a simple binary yes/no result, but a weighted value that tells you how well a given location matches the query.

Add weights to queries

You can also save and share queries.

These capabilities will help you rapidly extract information from multiple rasters and easily explore and share scenarios based on different queries.

To learn more about the Query Analysis Add-In, see the Getting Started with the Query Analysis Add-In PDF.

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  1. najuste says:

    Must rasters have exactly the same extension while querying on multiple rasters or the query can be executed just over the overlapping area of rasters with different extensions?

    • ICampbell says:

      No, multiple rasters don’t have to have exactly the same extent to work with this AddIn. The Query will be executed over the overlapping area that is common to each.