World Geocoding in ArcGIS for Desktop 10.1 SP1

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Coincident with ArcGIS 10.1 SP1, the on-line geocoding locators visible to ArcGIS for Desktop were replaced by the new World geocoding service.  This service provides street-level geocoding for many more countries than the previous services and will continue to expand in coverage and take advantage of continuous updates, like ArcGIS in general.

Using your organizational credentials, you can add the GIS Service from and perform batch geocoding.  Interactive address finding and address inspection against this service is available from the geocoding toolbar in ArcMap and does not require authentication.

Batch geocoding using the World service requires an ArcGIS Online subscription and will consume credits.  Please see a description of the service here:…0000004000000/

The old locators used prior to SP1 are currently still accessible at the following URL, but will go offline on December 31st 2013:

Why has Esri made this change? We have built the World service in partnership with data partners; you will appreciate it takes considerable resource to capture and maintain the world’s address information and build it into reliable high quality web services. Batch geocoding consumes millions of transactions daily here at Esri; while we cannot absorb the rapidly growing cost of global demand for this we will continue to support free map navigation and address inspection using the World service.

Esri also ships free geocoding locators for the US in the Data & Maps media that ships with ArcGIS, and of course we also supply locator definition files for the US, so you are able to make locators using your own data sources.

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  1. mkerr says:

    First and third links seem to be broken.

    • bruce_harold says:

      Thanks, these links are accessible as GIS Servers connections in ArcCatalog or the Catalog window in ArcMap, and programmatically via REST. Regards, Bruce

  2. stacemaples says:

    So, I’m having some issues and have more than a few questions about this new World Geocoding Service.

    First of all, thanks so much for making this part of the SP1 update and not letting anyone know up front, that’s awesome. I check the “Issues Addressed” page for Service Packs pretty carefully before I add them to our installation batches, and don’t recall ANY mention of this change in that doc. I found out about the upgrade in the middle of a workshop when I went to geocode some addresses for a demo and nothing worked, anymore. SO that brings me to the questions…

    We now have to use our ArcGIS Online Credits for geocoding against this new locator service, right?

    Does that mean that ANYONE with a user account on my AGO for Orgs site can geocode against the credits we have?

    I have no control, as the administrator, over this aspect of credit usage?

    Be nice to see some docs on this. Would have been nice to see it before the update.

    I’ve attempted to use the World Geocoding Service using the Admin sign in with no luck (this was in front of a workshop, so it was a “teachable moment” about working with Esri software). I keep getting an error, something to the effect of “This service requires an ArcGIS Online subscription.” And, yes, I am signed into ArcGIS Online through ArcMap, using the Admin Credentials, which you would assume has full rights to use any service covered under our subscription. I guess this is actually a good thing, since I don’t want people using our AGO credits willy-nilly.

    So how does one, exactly, make use of this service?

    Also, is there a particular folder I can find the Locator Connections in? I’d like to script a delete of this new locator and re-add the old locators for my 400 users, in case they are able to geocode against our credits with their AGO credentials.

  3. sounny says:

    I made a screen cast on how to add the old locator to ArcMap:

  4. taytrevbaseball says:

    I hope they give us a notice before they stop this geocoding service we have to use now. I found out the hard way to. I was working on a project & I kept getting an error message, I had to call tech support & they told me how to use the, link. I also was told the Bing Map service, we are going to need to have a key through Microsoft in order to use it. I use Bing Maps all the time.

  5. jtawee2 says:

    I am extremely confused. I really believe that the World Geocoding Service requires an online subscript ONLY for BATCH Geocoding…is that correct? If you are doing single input geocoding, it is still free. That is what the docs at this page is suggesting:

    there is info on how to authenticate for Batch Geocoding, and it states that a subscription is required for Batch Geocoding…but does not state the same for the other geocoding types. Furthermore, the single geocoding URL is available now:

  6. geohaskett says:

    Is it still possible to create our own address locator from the Streetmap data? In previous versions the locator was easily found. I’m not seeing it in our current data.
    If they removed it and we can still create our own based upon the this data, which style would I use?

    • bruce_harold says:


      Yes you can create your own locator, at least for styles we ship with ArcGIS, which are at this path (for 10.2):

      C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.2\Locators

      The Create Address Locator geoprocessing tool will ‘see’ the styles automatically.