Aligning features in ArcGIS 10.1: Reshaping topology edges

Note: You can view this post as a video: Reshaping topology edges.

In my previous post, I moved a topology edge to make it match my newer imagery. This allowed me to edit simultaneously the features that share edges with other features. In a nearby area, several polygons representing grazing pasture and farmland need to be updated to reflect a repositioned fence line visible in the new imagery. The Land use layer has transparency applied to it so I can see the underlying imagery.

To adjust all the land-use polygons at once, I am going to use the Reshape Edge tool on the Topology toolbar. In ArcGIS 10.1, Reshape Edge allows me to update multiple edges that form a connected path; previously, only one edge at a time could be reshaped.

To reshape the edges, I need to select them first. I can use the new Topology Edit Trace tool to select a series of edges that form a connected path, or hold down the left mouse button while dragging along an edge with the Topology Edit tool.

Once I have selected topology edges, I can open the Shared Features window to see which features belong to the selected edge and click a feature in the list to flash it on the map. In ArcGIS 10.1, the Shared Features window is dockable so I can interact with the map while the window is open. This way, I can select and deselect topology edges without having to close the window. The Shared Features window also now uses the layer’s display expression to list features.

Changing to the Reshape Edge tool, I digitize the location of the new property lines by tracing over the imagery. Once I finish the sketch, all the polygons sharing that edge now match the fence line. Reshape Edge allowed me to update all these features at once while maintaining the coincidence between them.

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