CityEngine 2012.1 released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of CityEngine 2012.1, the latest version of Esri’s innovative 3D city modeling and design software. This release of CityEngine provides many new enhancements that will make creating smart 3D city models easier than ever.

We focused on many key workflows in GIS, urban planning and entertainment production. For example, we developed one of the first seamless solutions to share 3D city scenes in the cloud on ArcGIS Online, created intuitive tools for the 3D editing of buildings, and introduced unique new techniques for better urban design. Also, the software is now tightly integrated with ArcGIS, allowing you to work with huge 3D city models.

CityEngine 2012.1 key new features:

Sharing 3D city scenes in the browser - Publish 3D city scenes directly to the web for sharing 3D models, analysis results or design proposals with decision makers or the public. Based on WebGL technology, no plugin is required for most browsers.

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Intuitive editing of 3D multipatch models – Easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models. The resulting 3D geometries can be efficiently saved back to the File Geodatabase.

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Ability to visualize urban planning zoning rules in 3D - Zoning regulations are text-based descriptions (per city) of allowed building volumes, usage and density. They are the main tool defining the image of a city and/or growth/development investment money. In most cases however, they are hard to understand by the public and other stakeholders. CityEngine 2012.1 allows you to specify / visualize / analyze and store zoning regulations in 3D.

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Tight integration with ArcGIS – CityEngine 2012.1 fully supports the Esri file Geodatabase (including textured multipatches) and the Shapefile format which allows users to import/export any geo-spatial vector data such as parcels, building footprints with arbitrary attributes, or line data to create street networks. And as mentioned above, publishing a 3D city scene on ArcGIS Online is now very easy.

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Instant custom report generation – Customized rule-based reports can be generated in real-time to analyze the urban design e.g. automatically calculate quantities such as GFA, FAR, etc.

Perspective Facade Image Cropping – Intuitive and effective tool for the preparation of facade textures from ground based facade images, perspective correction and region selection are done in one step.

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Improved Street Sketching and Network Analysis – Sketching of streets has been significantly improved with the new editing tools. After street network creation, the network can be analyzed by computing global integration, local integration and in-between centrality. For each street these three values are computed and stored as object attributes.

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New examples and rules on the CityEngine Resource Center

Esri licensing – CityEngine now is licensed through the ArcGIS license administrator

CityEngine 2012.1 is available now. For more information or a free full functional 30 day trial, visit

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    When can I download trial CityEngine 2012.1 ?

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    This is so cool…..

  3. romangis says:

    I am also wondering when the trial version of CityEngine 2012 will be available for download. And will it be a 60 or 90 day trial period instead of the 30 days in the previous version? 30 days is not enough when you have other tasks to complete at work.

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    hello , do you have some material or docements about cityengine in-house modeling about how to carry on , i need them very much ,can you help me ? thank you very much.