Vehicle Commander Template is available for download

Vehicle Commander Application partsThe Vehicle Commander Template is available for download from  The vehicle commander application template is a model for developing an in-vehicle situational awareness application using ArcGIS Runtime SDK 1.0 for Java. You can use the Vehicle Commander template to build mobile solutions that help mounted troops navigate in the field and report and receive intelligence. The template is designed to help commanders track their troops and make informed decisions. Commanders using the app can get a near-real-time situational picture, showing the position of the command vehicle and those of other GPS tracked vehicles.  Soldiers using the application can communicate with each other by dropping virtual chemlights on the map, or can signal an emergency at their location using the 911 button.

The Vehicle Commander template contains source code for an in-vehicle application and directions for building the application from source, as well as a precompiled distribution of the application.
The Vehicle Commander template:

  • Displays high-performance touchscreen maps, including provisioned basemaps and operational data
  • Displays a GPS location (simulated or serial GPS)
  • Communicates with other machines running Vehicle Commander to display their GPS locations
  • Allows users to open map packages as layers on the map
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  1. ricksson says:

    Hi Bob,

    the Vehicle Commander template is a great starting point for developing demo scenarios in the defence environment! Unfortunately I am getting an BindException in the IDE (Eclipse) after starting the application several times. Did you also have this experience?


    • bbooth says:

      I have not, but I asked the developer, who says:
      “It probably means that more than one instance of Vehicle Commander is running at one time. Go through your java and javaw processes and make sure that Vehicle Commander isn’t already running before you launch the app.”
      Hope this helps.