Android Blade Runner demo app now available for inspection!

The Blade Runner app shown in the 2012 dev summit plenary has [finally] been packaged up and is available for download from This app uses the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android and shows off the currently available offline functions of the SDK.

Thanks for your patience! We had a few licensing and architecture issues which delayed us getting this out, but you can now get the app, data, source code and all of the assets and do what you will with them. There is also a full set of instructions on how to install and configure the app.

We dont really expect you to use the app as it is, but it shows off some really powerful features of the SDK. If you do find the app useful and it does what you need please let us know! (either comment on the page or email

Look out for some smaller more focussed samples which show you the offline, GPS and Bluetooth integration code. Coming soon…

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