New versions of Runtime SDKs for WP, iOS and Android released!

New versions of the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Windows Phone, iOS and Android have been rolled out today! The recent release of the ArcGIS applications were built using these SDKs, so you know they are tried and tested.

ArcGIS 10.1 support

They all have support for lots of ArcGIS 10.1 goodies, including editor tracking, ownership based access control, fine grained editing capabilities and lots more.

ArcGIS Online support

The latest release of ArcGIS Online is ready to be used as a cloud based system for your maps, apps and data through the use of Organization subscriptions. This release of the Runtime SDKs allow you to leverage these subscriptions, including associated hosted tile and feature services, to build great apps. All of the SDK APIs provide the ability to work with the ArcGIS Portal API, which gives you the ability to find and consume content from ArcGIS Online or your own Portal for ArcGIS.

This release of the SDKs helps align their capabilities so that you can build stunning  apps across all of the major smartphone and tablet platforms with the same functionality. The capability matrix of the apps help show what is available in each  SDK. We will be working on making this even better for the next release!

More details on each SDK will come out shortly, watch this blog…

More info:

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Phone v3.0

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v2.0

ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS v2.3

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    Does this SDK work for Windows Mobile 7 as well?