ArcGIS Online Maps Through Community Analyst – The Good Stuff

You might have noticed the new Select tool in the map tool palette. What in the world is this? How is it going to be useful to me? What else can I do after bringing in a web map from ArcGIS Online? Continue reading to find out more…

As discussed in a previous blog post, you can bring in the maps created in ArcGIS Online into Community Analyst and make the maps more meaningful.  With the help of this new Select tool, you can make it even more powerful.   Here’s how…

Let’s bring in a web map. As an example I brought in CSU Locations vs Past Fire Zones (

  1. Once the map is loaded, click the new Select tool from the map tool palette
  2. Click on a polygon or a point from the web map layer that you just brought in
  3. This will open the pop up configured for that particular polygon or point in ArcGIS Online
  4. Notice in the second half of the pop up there is a new section to the Community Analyst application. This allows you to convert the selected polygon/point to a site.
  5. Clicking Convert to site will convert the respective polygon into a polygon that you can use for running reports and comparison reports as you can with any other custom polygon in Community Analyst. This can be done for a point and apply rings/drive times/donuts and use for your analysis.

Is that it?  No, there’s always more with Community Analyst.

After you bring in your web map how cool would it be to color code the map using the data from the web map. Now I’ll tell you how to do that. For this example I brought in the web map about Texas FAST district data (

  1. Once the map loads, Community Analyst detects that there are some variables that can be used to create color-coded and smart maps.
  2. Those variables are automatically added to the application’s list of variables.
  3. From then on you can use them as a regular variable, apply it on the map and watch the different variables come to life on the map.
  4. Even better, these variables could be used in Smart Map Search to create maps that match your criteria.


- SJ

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  1. therockster says:

    That sounds great! But how do I find/enable the map tool palette in ArcGIS Online? When I create a new map or use an existing one I do not see the map tool palette. Thanks,

  2. Sooria Jeyaraman says:

    Hi Mike

    The application I was discussing in my blog was Community Analyst, the tool palette is part of that application. It allows the users to bring in maps from ArcGIS Online into Community Analyst and use it for further analysis. Community Analyst is a cloud based application with simple easy to use interface to perform GIS analysis.

    You can get a free trial for Community Analyst at :

    If you have any other questions feel free to contact me..