ArcGIS API for iOS Update 2.0.1 now available

We are sure that most of you are eager to start developing with Apple’s iOS 5 SDK. We are too. Some of you have already started using the Beta versions of iOS 5 SDK and have experienced problems in using it with ArcGIS API for iOS. 

Based on your feedback, and to give you sufficient time to ready your applications in anticipation of supporting iOS 5, we have released update 2.0.1 to specifically resolve the issues you reported with iOS 5. You can download the update here.

Functionally, 2.0.1 is exactly the same as 2.0. The API remains unchanged too. If you have already migrated your applications to use 2.0 , migrating to 2.0.1 is as simple as uninstalling the old API package, installing the new one, and rebuilding your application.

At the time of releasing this update, Beta 7 was the most recent iOS 5 version available and used in our testing. Note that iOS 5 SDK is still only in Beta and it is possible that future versions could reveal new problems. We will strive to address those issues, should they come up, in a timely manner, however, bear in mind that we cannot truly claim to support iOS 5 until its final version is released.  

So, with that said, download the update and start running your applications with iOS 5. And continue to send us your feedback, we look forward to hearing from you. 

 Contributed by Divesh Goyal of the ArcGIS for iOS Development Team

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  1. eddof13 says:

    Is there a changelog with the bugs fixed? Thanks

  2. Benmosquito says:

    I think it is awesome y’all are progressing with the iOS ESRI app. Any word about an Android app yet?

  3. Richards391 says:

    Is iOS 5 sdk still in the beta stage. I am having issues with ArcGIS api for iOS and using xcode4 (iOS 5 sdk). One being I can’t create a new project using a arcgis view-based template. Another is that the Interface builder appears different to the examples in ArcGIS resource centre “Creating a map”. I am using Lion X. Is this an issue?

    Is there another update to the arcgis api soon?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. technobrat says:

    Benmosquito: The Android app is now available in the market.

    Richards391: iOS 5 SDK is now final. However, the ArcGIS project templates still do not work because the underlying template system in Xcode has significantly changed at Xcode 4.2.

  5. says:

    Re: Not being able to create view-based templates for iOS5,

    Could the iOS team provide a base-line project,
    that is essential what would result from a view-base template build for iOS5?

    Would be great to look at that starting point.

  6. technobrat says:

    stucker : The MapViewDemo sample is exactly what you’re asking for. It is installed with the SDK under ${HOME}/Library/SDKs/Samples/MapViewDemo